Oscar Charles Vegan Makeup Brushes

Founded in 2017, Oscar Charles was founded to offer affordable, cruelty free beauty products. The brand can now be found in over 40 countries and is used by both beauty enthusiasts and professional MUAs alike.

‘Creating beautiful products that are functionally superior, but without the high price tag.’

Oscar Charles want to enhance natural beauty and help their customers to do so by promising fantastic, flawless results each time.

All Oscar Charles products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Vegan makeup brushes are notable for their durability, and they are effortless to clean, as well as being hypoallergenic.

So, why are vegan and hypoallergenic brushes are so important?

If like me you’ve got sensitive skin, you’re more prone to allergic reactions. You’ve got to be really careful with what you apply or use on your skin. As the Oscar Charles bristles are synthetic, they contain no animal hair (which is a common trigger for reactions) so, this makes then hypoallergenic.

Animal haired brushes had traditionally been most common. But now you can get synthetic versions that don’t harm any animals and do just as good of a job (I’d argue better!). They’re just as soft, versatile and durable, easily applying and blending products.

Synthetic brushes are also easier to clean, they don’t harbor as many germs or have uneven surfaces where bacteria can get trapped.

So, not only are you reducing the risk of contact dermatitis and allergic reactions, you’re also helping to save animals!

Oscar Charles site also offer a gift-wrapping service and offers a range of sets to suit a variety of different price points. Mine came beautifully boxed, wrapped and bagged, a real luxurious experience.

Oscar Charles are also available on Amazon and they were one of the bestselling makeup brushes brands on the site last Christmas. This is the set I was kindly gifted, but you can also get it in rose gold!

This set came presented in a beautiful black pouch and also included a beauty sponge!


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