New Home Shopping List

Here I am sharing some items that I have purchased (or would like to purchase) for my new home. If you have any suggestions please let me know!
Some items contain affiliate links.

I absolutely love this baking/serving dish from Denby. As a child, our family plates and bowls were all Denby and my mum still has them to this day. They last a lifetime it would seem! So the quality is really worth the price.

Imperial Blue from Denby

Sadly, they no longer stock this design, but they do still have the beautiful ‘Imperial Blue’ range and you can purchase this similar dish for yourself. They also have so many pretty glasses that I’d like to buy next.

◘ I have been on a hunt for these William Morris Placemats for along time now, I love William Morris designs and they’re definitely becoming more widely available on home furnishings. I have the matching coasters too.

◘ Next, I purchased a Viners cutlery set from Groupon. They regularly have sets on there and this is the second Viners set that I’ve purchased. They are such good quality, I only purchased the second set to have more, not to replace.

◘ Although not strictly for the kitchen, I got these shelves from Amazon for spices etc. The wood was slightly lighter than pictured, but they seemed really good quality and they’re a set of two.

◘ This utensil stand would be ideal for my new kitchen’s colour scheme. I’d love the matching chopping boards too, but I’ll wait for a sale to get both!
Joseph Joseph Editions Elevate Carousel Kitchen Utensils

◘ Thanks to TKMaxx, I found some Prestige kitchen knives that are magnetic. I chose these because I feel they’re more hygienic than a regular knife block. They’re currently on sale for £50 on Wayfair, but as you can see, I paid half of this.

I’m after some new pans, so I’d love your suggestions!

◘ We are upgrading to a King Size bed and ideally an ottoman bed to allow for more storage.
The Hadley Ottoman Bedframe from Furniture Village.

Tempur Harrington Ottoman Bed

◘ We went with Ikea Hemnes wardrobes and bedside tables.


◘ This Geo Tile Bamboo Bath Rack is only £14 in Dunelm! It’s lovely quality and I’ve used mine loads.

Living Room
We patiently waited a few months for our DFS ‘Layla’ sofa’s with a storage chaise end.


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