My Summer Affirmations


What are your plans this summer? Now that we’ve all been given a little more freedom as restrictions are lifting (and hopefully stay lifted!) do you have any positive affirmations you’d like to achieve?

‘I am in charge of my own happiness’

This is one of my favourite affirmations and one I’m going to try and live by this summer. I like quiet nights in with friends. But, I’d also like to challenge myself to get out there more and step out of my comfort zone. Which can be quite challenging.

Here’s my to do list;

  • Cinema – Lots of new releases this summer.
  • Explore local cafes – I’m always happy to eat cake!
  • Attend more blogger events – I’d love to meet more like minded people.
  • Live music – pub garden or a day festival.
  • Challenge myself to go on a night out.

Perhaps you’re looking for love, to meet new people too or experience new things. I know that I always get really nervous before a blogger event and have impostor syndrome. But, this year I’d really like to widen my social circle and meet people who are also bloggers. So I need to overcome this lack of confidence and stop worrying! I’m going to use a thoughts journal to help track how I’m doing and set some empowering goals. As well, I’m going to really invest in self care. I good book and a hot bath always calm and relax me.

No one’s perfect and everyone has something that they don’t like about themselves. Society is slowly becoming more accepting of difference, but I truly believe that in order for it to go further, we have to;

‘Be the change we wish to see’.

Firstly, it’s important to embrace ourselves, because the only person stopping you from new experiences, is you! Everyone knows those first date nerves can be overpowering, but afterwards, you’re always glad you’ve gone – even if it’s to know never to go again!

Accept any differences that you may have, if other people don’t, then it’s their loss. Truly.

So, what are you going to challenge yourself to do this summer? How are you going to embrace and love yourself? Perhaps your challenge is to meet new people, go on a first date (disabled singles dating), go to a festival or book a flight to somewhere exotic. Let me know in the comments!

The best is yet to come..


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