Pixi Beauty Rose Bodytreats Review

I’ve previously only tried body lotions from the Pixi Beauty Bodytreats range. So, I was really excited to try out the following products which were kindly gifted:

Pixi Bodytreats Rose Body Cleanser

Pixi Bodytreats Rose Body Polish

Pixi Bodytreats Rose Body Balm


This three step range aims to nourish, exfoliate and moisturise whilst smelling amazing!

Each of the products have the same key ingredients;

*Rose Flower Oil – moisturises and restores

*Rosehip Oil – smooths and conditions

*Lavender – calms and soothes

*Fruit extracts – exfoliate and brighten

*Shea butter – nourishes and locks in moisture

Step 1

Pixi Bodytreats Rose Body Cleanser – I see myself running out of this quickly. I’ll use it daily if not more in my showers. The formula nourishes and softens skin and cleanses it without drying it out. It’s a light scent and not overpowering. It smells really lovely (obviously of roses!)

Step 2

Pixi Bodytreats Rose Body Polish – a gentle exfoliating sugar scrub which nourishes skin to leave it feeling silky smooth. I like that this contains sugar as this is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but does also buff away dead skin. It also won’t collect in my drain!

Step 3

Pixi Bodytreats Rose Body Balm – Apply this to skin after showering, I like to towel dry, but not remove all of the moisture from my body before applying. It’s a thick consistency to moisturise instantly and lock in moisture, but is light enough to absorb quickly.

Together, the trio work together to hydrate, brighten and exfoliate your skin until it glows! I already love the Pixi Beauty Rose Skincare range – particularly the Pixi Beauty Rose Tonic, so I’m glad I now have these to add to my collection to nourish from top to toe!


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