Blob Box Spring Review

Blob Box began in December 2020. Created by Eniye as a way to support her little sister through her periods, providing comfort, education and self care all in one carefully curated box. Boxes are delivered in time for your next period and you can choose your flow type and the types of sanitary products you’d like to receive.

Blob Box want to have an meaningful presence and donate 1% of revenue to charities such as Free Periods which aim to end period poverty.

I was lucky enough to be gifted the Spring box. Which included pads and panty liners suitable for my selected light flow (This can be customised to your preferences). What I really like is that you can also select a preference of brands that you would like/not like.

Aside from the sanitary products. Blob Box also includes some treats and items to help you ease your discomfort and help your self care.

I have to say, the design and packaging of The Blob Box is fantastic. They’re aesthetically pleasing, fun to open, attractive and good for the environment. They look really professional and well put together.

Here’s what’s inside my box:

  • Apoth & Co Lip Balm is packed with jojoba oil, avocado and cocoa butter. It came packed in a cute cloth, drawstring bag which was really lovely.
  • BeYou Monthly Patches are natural, vegan friendly patches that help to ease cramps and physical discomfort. BeYou puts a lot of emphasis on educating across gender inequality and misrepresentation across the racial gap, in their science-backed product. What a great brand!
  • Miss Patisserie Shower Steamer, you place this in the bottom of the shower and it releases aromatic smells of and again, is vegan friendly. This smells insane! I could smell it before I even opened the inner box, it looks really pretty too.
  • A cute mirror decal:
  • Beautiful silk scrunchies/bobbles from Emme.Elle.Esse which are perfect for me at the moment as I’ve just started The Curly Girl Method and want to protect my hair from as much damage as possible.
  • Anatomicals Strawberry & Yarrow Mask designed to fight clogged pores and leave your skin brighter.
  • Native Snacks Sea Salt & Pepper Popped Lotus Seeds – this was a new try for me! They were really light and airy (yet filling and low calorie!). Vegan and gluten free too.
  • Twinnings Superblends Glow Tea – Strawberry & Cucumber With Green Tea & Aloe Vera.
  • And of course, a supply of sanitary products to suit my preferences, packed in a cloth, drawstring bag.

Boxes start from £19.99. Get £5 off your first box with code SARAHMM5 until the 30th June 2021.

Box kindly gifted to me, links are not affiliates.


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