The Inkey List ‘Your Brightest Skin’

Every skin type is different and it’s important to tailor skincare to you needs. The Inkey List provides a wide range of affordable skin care products that you can pick and mix from.

I’m already a big fan and have some of their skin and hair care. But, they very kindly sent me; The Inkey List ‘Your Brightest Skin’ collection which I have reviewed for you here!

What does the collection include?

Fulvic Acid Brightening Cleanser
Hyaluronic Acid
15% Vitamin C and EGF Serum
Polyglutamic Acid
Symbright Moisturizer

Fulvic Acid Brightening Cleanser

This is a gentle cleanser which contains 0.5% Nordic Peat which is naturally high in Fulvic Acid which helps to exfoliate skin for a brighter complexion. It has 1.5% Kakadu Plum Extract which is rich in Vitamin C for radiance and luminosity. I like the formula of this product, it’s not too rough on my sensitive skin and exfoliates without aggravating.

I believe it has been so effective to my skin thanks to the calming ingredients included; 0.5% Aloe Vera for soothing, 1% Liquorice Root Extract – a potent antioxidant with soothing benefits, helping to reduce hyperpigmentation and overall brightening.

I like that The Inkey List always list the ingredients and their percentage, helping you to make an informed choice.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is a product suitable for all skin types! Even oily skins need hydrating. Hyaluronic Acid works beneath the skin’s surface to hold 1000x it’s weight in water – like a magnet. Usually, it’s naturally found in your skin, but levels decrease over time resulting in dull skin and uneven textures.

This product is so affordable and the one I was most excited to try. I suffer from dry and dehydrated skin and use many products that include Hyaloronic Acid, but never exclusively. The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid includes 2% and is recommended to be applied to skin straight after cleansing and before toner. It’s absorbed really quickly and I can’t wait to see the long term effects of this.

15% Vitamin C and EGF Serum

This serum can be used both morning and night. It contains 15% of vitamin C for brightening of skin and protection against external stresses and 1% Epitensive™ which supports skin’s natural elasticity using plant derived ingredients. This had a unusual consistency, more watery than expected and leaves a white texture on your skin.

If using a retinol, alternate nights between this and the Vitamin C and EGF serum.

Polyglutamic Acid

Polyglutamic Acid creates a thin, but still breathable film on the skin’s surface. This helps to lock in moisture whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. I will really notice the benefits of this at the end of the day, as usually my makeup is dried and cracked. Use this before moisturiser, but after everything else! This contains 3% Polyglutamic Acid Complex and 2% Invisaskin derived from Azuki Beans to maintain skin’s moisture.

Symbright Moisturizer

This is the final step in the routine! I use moisturiser more than any other products, so it’s great to try a new one out. This works to brighten and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, whilst also optimising moisture and hydration levels. I’ve been using this twice a day and find that it is nice to apply, thick, but absorbs quickly and is hydrating.

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