T&HK skincare 

Teens & Human Kind are an Australian beauty skincare brand, that targets your skin hangups. They have a small range of three products; Prestige, Perfection and Pure, which have years of research and testing, to back their results.

They are within a premium price bracket, but ship worldwide and there’s 20% off when you buy all three. I was so excited to test them! I used them all daily, sometimes twice a day (recommended).

Firstly, their signature product, the blemish and pimple reducing cream – Prestige.  With claims that it can improve skin tone in just twelve hours with the help of purple orchid. It also helps to reduce irritation and redness within a day. Pretty bold claims, which you don’t  I often see! I can honestly say, I noticed a change after just one use. My skin was so soft! My redness/rosacea did go down, was this just coincidence? I found when applied directly to brewing pimples, they were gone the next day, plus I love the design of the 15ml bottle! It was portable and absorbed quickly into my skin. It was light and non greasy.

Perfection, comes in a 30ml bottle, to ease dark spots and scarring. Great if you’ve got acne prone skin. The Kakadu plum extract2 is native to Australia, which is reported to have the richest source of vitamin c. I have uneven skin tone and as previously mentioned, rosacea. I do feel this helped to create a smooth, even canvas that made my face look brighter! It’s great for anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory beacause of the added Aloe. This is applied twice a day through the pump action bottle.

Finally, the last in the trio is Pure. This is their cheapest, but largest product which aims to brighten skin to create radiance. Again, due to the high concentrate of vitamin C, this is a great anti-aging cream. It includes shea butter as a natural anti inflammatory to help with the smooths, even skin tone.

When all three are used together, I genuinely do believe the results speak for themselves. My skin was smooth, even and blemishes reduced! I’m not sure I can vouch that it looked brighter, but I certainly felt more confident in my skin.

Check out T&HK for yourself!



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