MsFlow subscription box Review

Sadly, women have to go through their monthly cycle. Some worse than others! But whatever your needs at ‘that time of the month’ Ms Flow has you covered. 

I love that they give you a real mix of treats, from food to beauty items. Each box features a a scented candle each month, so you can collect your favourite scents. It burnt really well and last for a good few hours!  Pukka herbal teas are great when you’ve got cramps and feeling under the weather. I sadly prefer sweeter flavours, but, I know this is a well known, reputable brand. Naturally, I was very excited to see a chocolate brownie! It was big enough to eat in two helpings too. Cocoa Loco are organic, fairly traded and a cute sweet treat in a conveniently wrapped design. 

Honestly, this box was jam packed full of goodies. I received a sample of both pads and tampons for a multitude of popular brands. In addition, a relaxing room spray helped to sooth and calm my mood! Help me organics have such cute packaging. ‘Help me, apparently I need to chill’ mood balancing spray has a strong, but not unpleasant smell. It’s quirky and contains natural ingredients, such as geranium and lavendar. 

Saturated colour sugar lip scrub, in a stick format was great for buffing my lips before applying my matte lipstick. Sometimes, you just want to feel nice! It wasn’t too rough, but gently exfoliated any dead skin away from my lips. 

The box also included a handmade soap was a wonderful fragrance and Sour Bear natural fruit snacks.

To receive your box in time, everytime go to and use WELCOME15 FOR 15% off. 


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