Health & Hygiene Hacks That Will Help You This Year

Health and hygiene has definitely become more prominent in the last few years due to Covid19. Sales of home workout routines and equipment soared and many of the extra handwashing activities have become a staple in my daily life. Taking steps to look after your health and hygiene is so important, and there are so many ways you can go about achieving this.

Here are some simple ideas that you can use to help you to improve your goal setting, mental health and physical health and hygiene this year.

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We all know that it’s helpful to partake in some sort of exercise routine in order to ensure that you are keeping physically healthy. However, the reality of doing it can be become a barrier. Creating a routine that fits with your life style is my top tip. Many have returned to gyms and classes in person, but at home workouts are still just as effective! The benefits of outdoors and nature on both physical and mental health are widely backed with research. So, I enjoy a walk in the fresh air to keep healthy. Developing a fitness regime and sticking to it, is key to helping you achieve any fitness goals and to be healthier.

Personal hygiene

This is one of the most important parts of daily life, and sometimes using antibacterial gel just isn’t enough. There are a lot of different steps you can take that will help you to improve your personal routine and be able to boost the way in which you take care of yourself. Whether it’s daily rituals, after exercise or general self care, it is important that we take the time to look after our personal hygiene. Some examples are; developing a skin care regimen, getting your haircut frequently, taking a hot bath or using eco-friendly handwash. Personal grooming is a key part of the process of making sure you make the most of your health and hygiene. Also, deep cleaning your home and getting rid of any possible pests, perhaps by contacting a company like, is a great way to keep on top of your hygiene. 

Mental Health

Mental health and wellness is all about balance, and looking at some of the best ways of being able to improve your life. I recommend filling your home with fresh flowers. Simplifying your life for a better sense of well-being is another way of improving your mental health. Deciding on what’s most important, whilst also looking after yourself. Getting enough sleep can play a big part in this! Lack of sleep can often cause us to feel down, frustrated and make wrong choices.

You have so much to think about when it comes to making the right choices, there are a lot of elements that play a part in influencing your decisions. Using a goal setting journal can help you to break things down. Is it that you want to be more sustainable with your health and hygiene products? Or to feel more organised? Taking small, measurable steps and being goal orientated can really aid you to get things in order to help you to live a healthy and hygienic life, feel happier and achieve your goals.

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