OK, admit it. We’ve all got parts that we would like to cover up or generally change the shape of.

Magic knickers, sucky-in pants and specific shape wear have been a saving grace for many of us to be comfortable in our own skin. is an online store that offer multiple brands and multiple items that can do just this. From shape leggings, camis, full body suits and your statement knickers, there’s something for everyone.

What I like about Shapermint though, is that they are trying to promote more than just their product. They want to increase body positivity, encourage a movement not to hide your body, but to give you the confidence to show it off! Yes, we want to be comfortable in who we are, but sometimes, we need that extra little support to give us the push to ‘wear that dress’ and there’s no shame in that.

I ordered the high waisted leggings, shorts and knickers – all in black. I ordered a size XL (I’m about an 18) and when I looked at the leggings, I thought no chance. But seriously, they are the most comfortable thing! They stretch nicely, yet tighten without suffocating.

The shorts and knickers fitted very similar to each other, ‘sucking in’ the fat around my belly (hurrah!). Again, they were comfortable, well made and I like that they came in a ziplock pouch!

Thanks to for gifting – all views are my own.


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