With January and a new year, lots of us make new years resolutions. Of course, the most popular seems to involve exercise.

If you don’t suffer from being short sited, then you may not have experienced the added stress when it comes to sport. let me explain a little about how it feels;
-You sweat in your glasses, so you have to take them off and thus, can’t quite judge how far away the ball is…

-You’re so focused on trying to see, that you don’t fully listen to team mates shouting directions.

-You clumsily try to wear your glasses and the particular sports glasses (skiing/scuba diving etc)

So you see (no pun intended), that it can be quite a stressful environment. But I haven’t even begun to explain how hard swimming can be!
You wear contacts and suffer the consequences of drying eyes (even behind goggles), whilst fighting to keep your eyes closed, to avoid washing them out. Or, you wear glasses only for them to get covered in water or fall off.

If like me, you’re so short sited that not wearing anything isn’t an option, then you just avoid swimming all together. Are people looking at me? Did that person just speak to me? because they’re too far away to hear and I can’t quite tell if their lips were moving. Did the lifeguard just blow the whistle because I did something wrong? I can’t see who they’re waving at! Let’s not forget, that its actually quite fun to see under water!

But, now there’s a solution; SportsEyes provide prescription sport goggles. Such a simple solution, yet, not that widely available. SportsEyes produce goggles for all popular sports:

  • swimming
  • cycling
  • golf
  • skiing
  • scuba
  • even football and rugby

Of course, they also offer general prescription eye wear for adults and children. I was kindly gifted a set of swimming goggles, which I have different prescriptions in each eye. They are really easy to assemble and they come with multiple nose straps for you to adjust as necessary.

It may sound silly to most, but I can’t stress how much these goggles will reduce my anxiety about going swimming!


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  1. Not to brag here, but my 20 20 vision has meant this has never been a worry for me, but thanks to reading your post I can totally understand your worries. Even walking on the slippy, tiled floor from the changing room to pool must be nerve wracking! I’m so glad you’ve found an easy solution.

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