Skinny Coffee Club 

The weight loss coffee craze has swept the internet in recent years.

With such mixed reviews, is it a fad or a genuine tool?

Skinny Coffee Club offer an organic and vegan friendly weight loss aid, with no hidden toxic chemicals.

So does it work? I was able to try the 28day programme RRP £24.95 (night version caffeine free). I actually had to buy a cafetiere to use it, as it needed to brew – unlike my usual instant goto. However, my local supermarket sold a small cafetiere for under £5.

SCC recommend that you don’t add milk. Now, I don’t usually drink black coffee, but this doesn’t actually taste like it needs it. It’s not strong to taste. If I’m honest, it doesn’t taste like my regular cup of roasted goodness. I felt it had more of a green tea taste, but mixed with coffee if that makes sense? It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t what I’d describe as ‘tasty’ either. Having said that, if it really helps me lose weight, then it must be said that the taste isn’t awful! It just doesn’t resemble coffee enough for me.

But, the first cup is never going to be the best – you’re still working out how much to put in, how long to brew and you don’t know what to expect!

SCC say that the combination of ingredients help to speed up metabolism, rejuvenate skin and increase energy. So, I will endeavour to try this daily, every day for a week. I’ll let you know how it goes! I don’t expect miracles, but the be less bloated would be nice.

Why don’t you try it alongside me? Use code VOLUBLEBLOGGER for 20% off.


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