Samol Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil review

Samol Herbal is an award winning family run company who use Ancient Greek (Unani) remedies to give you beautiful hair. Or, so they assure me! So I put it to the test.

They recommend to apply and leave over night, so, this is what I did. Firstly, I must note that the oil was a nice consistency – as in, it didn’t feel thick or heavy. I placed drops of the oil throughout my scalp and ends of hair, before massaging in. The scent is very strong, but Samol themselves, assure me this is due to the natural herbal ingredients. It is not an unpleasant scent, in fact I found it quite refreshing and it reminded me that I wasn’t putting lots of chemicals on my hair.

The next morning, I washed my hair as normal. It didn’t feel any more ‘nourished’ than usual, but I do have fine hair, which as a result, is easily damaged and not so easily repaired! However, the oil washed out perfectly, it didn’t leave a residue and it definitely didn’t leave any weight in my hair. This is a first for a hair oil for me. Again, due to my thin, fine hair, oil often weighs it down – but not Samol!

This is definitely a product that I suspect needs continuous use to really appreciate it’s wonders. I love that it is a family recipe and that they only offer a small selection of products. This tells me that they’ve concentrated on what they can do, to ensure that they do it well.

Samol Herbal Scalp and Hair oil is £5.99 for 10ml, which is more than enough for several uses. Despite feeling like I’d used the whole bottle, I’d barely made a dent from my first application.





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