The Body Shop Advent Calendars

It’s never too early to make the world a fairer place, and this year, our pop-up advent calendars are bursting with goodness.

It may not yet be the festive season, but Advent calendars are being released earlier and earlier. So many sell out, so it’s important to order early on to avoid disappointment.

This year, The Body Shop are releasing three advent calendars for different price points on the 18th September. Each calendar includes a saving of at least £34.50 showing they’re good value for money for The Body Shop fans. I really like that each feature a ‘pop up’ style design on the top.

Each Advent calendar celebrates the wonderful Community Fair Trade partners from around the world who produce the products. One of their longest standing partnerships is with Tungteiya Women’s Association in northern Ghana. Since 1994 they’ve sourced Community Fair Trade Shea Butter from there, helping over 600 women across 11 villages with financial independence, healthcare and education projects. The calendars are reusable and recyclable making them more sustainable and kinder for the planet too.

Buy for £55 Worth £89.50

This contains 24 items and is designed around the world of the women who make the Community Fair Trade mango seed oil in Chhattisgarh, India.

This contains shower gels, creams, lip products, body butters and so much more. Read the full list here.


Buy for £95 Worth £159

This box contains 25 items and is design around the world of the women who make their Community Fair Trade shea butter in Northern Ghana.
I like that this box contains products from the Himalayan Charcoal range as well as their classic scents. Of course, it also includes the Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana.

Read the full list here.


Buy for £145 Worth £219

This calendar contains 25 products, some are full sized. Made with Community Fair Trade recycled plastic, this calendar supports the waste pickers of Bengaluru, India with a fair wage and improved working conditions. It includes full-sized bestsellers, new products, beauty tools and everything you need to nourish your body and soul.

Scrub, soften and slather your way to your most beautiful Christmas yet with our Sheet Masks, Body Butters, and Body Scrubs.

Read the full list here.

With every Advent calendar, you’ll also find little facts about their Community Fair Trade partners or an act of kindness, so you can share some wonder and joy with your friends, family and community. You can even reuse the pop-ups as gift tags, and the drawers are great for storing crafts and other little bits and bobs, long after Christmas.


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