Rosacea Treatment Clinic

I’ve now had Rosacea for 8 years or more. It’s an inflammatory condition that mainly affects the face. For me, I largely have redness across my cheeks and nose. This is permanently red, but increases in severity when triggered by heat and stress. The best way I can describe it, is that it feels like sunburn on your face, daily. Sometimes, I also develop small pustules on my cheeks. Over the years, I’ve tried both oral and topical antibiotics and creams. Sadly, Rosacea isn’t something that goes away. However, there are products to help reduce and soothe inflammation. This journey of discovery is largely why I originally started this blog.

I was kindly contacted by the Rosacea Treatment Clinic in Australia. They kindly sent me some products to try with no obligation to review. I’ve been testing these for nearly three months now.

Here’s what I’ve been using:
My Review:

Firstly, the Hydrating De-Sensitizing Cleansing Emulsion. This is a gentle, yet effective cleanser that provides moisturising cleansing, with an actively de-sensitizing effect for stressed, dry skin without preservatives. I used this as my second cleanse after removing makeup, or first cleanse in the morning. Sadly, I’m coming to the end of the bottle and I really like how my skin feels after using this. It isn’t dry or tight and my skin doesn’t become inflamed.

Second, is the Reprieve Serum Pure. A reprieve for skin-damaging free radicals and associated inflammation. This felt more like a toner to me and it absorbed really quickly. I would have liked this to have been a thicker consistency to feel more soothing/hydrating. However, it does reinforce the skin barrier, soothing and calming over time. It enhances the efficiency of sunscreen, reduces signs of aging and contains pharmaceutically-pure selected epicatechins (Antioxidants).

Next up is the De-Sensitizing Barrier Fluid SPF 50. This aims to be a restorative and nurturing sunscreen barrier for rosacea. It is a full-spectrum UV and general protection against environmental rosacea triggers and skin barrier reinforcement. Sadly, I couldn’t quite get this to work for me. It moved around my face a lot and left a white cast for sometime before absorbing.

Finally; the Night Repair Cream. I loved this cream. The consistency is thicker than a day cream, but not so much that it doesn’t absorb. It repairs skin and tackles aging of the skin. It aims to improve the appearance of skin elasticity and fullness overnight. The Night Repair Cream provides the most intensive treatment against dryness and moisture loss. My skin definitely felt hydrated in the morning and looked noticeably calmer.

Final Thoughts:

I was really pleased to try out these products specifically for Rosacea from The Rosacea Treatment Clinic. Though items are priced in Australian Dollars, they ship around the world. Some of the website/packaging could be refined – I’m a sucker for attractive packaging! But, it’s what’s inside that counts. It would be handy if the ingredients were more readily available before purchasing. I would happily use the Hydrating De-Sensitizing Cleansing Emulsion and the Night Repair Cream again and I’m going to finish off the Reprieve Serum Pure to ensure I get the maximum benefits over time.



  1. I’m not sure how they can state “ improves sunscreen efficacy “ Have you tried sessions of IPL. My rosacea has gone since it flared 4 years ago. They say it won’t go but mine did. I had 3 sessions IPL and yearly have vascular laser.


  2. The serum seems to be something like Helio Care. I use it and the capsules throughout the year and don’t get red or burn in the sun like I used to.

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