Spectrum Collections

I have now been using Spectrum Collections brushes for about 5 years. Spectrum was started by two sisters, Sophie and Hannah in April 2014 from a garage in Barry, South Wales, UK. They’re; vegan and cruelty free, using soft, synthetic brushes.

I’ve had a few sets, starting with the Mermaid Shell collection, Minnie Mouse and moving on to the complete Millennial Pink collection. I have a travel set and I’ve also been lucky to receive many brushes through subscription boxes like ROCCABOX and GlossyBox. All the brushes look great and they do regular collaborations with brands such as Disney.

They have lasted through so many washes and over the years I’ve only had to replace one or two that I use most frequently. I absolutely love the Malachite collection and I have one of the A01 Powder brushes, but my latest purchase is the 10 Piece Emily In Paris set. One can never have too many brushes! Plus, it delays the dreaded brush washing day.

When the time comes, Spectrum Collections do sell brush cleansing products and I recently picked up the Pomegranate Vegan Brush Soap. I was really impressed at how makeup ‘fell away’ from the brushes when using it. Inside the lid, there is a raised, silicone cleaning mat to help clean away any stubborn makeup. Then, you can hang them to dry using the 32 Brush Laundrette Towel.

More recently, Spectrum Collections also offer a range of makeup products such as bronzer, mascara, primer and ‘Pinch Pot Blush’ which comes complete with a miniature brush to apply.

Spectrum Collections Pinch Pot Blush

Using my code; SCG5KG56 you can get 20% any purchase.

*Contains affiliate codes


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