Fading Acne Scars with Miguhara

Miguhara Cosmetics is a Korean skincare brand that uses plant extracts instead of purified water, which is generally used for cosmetics. The products are hypoallergenic and contain an maximum concentration of plant extracts. Backed with lots of research and development, Miguhara avoid harsh chemicals whilst enhancing skin regeneration and healthy skin. I think it’s great that they have seen such high repurchase rates, with very little advertising.

StyleKorean very kindly included me in their TryMeReviewMe campaign for the Miguhara Ultra Whitening range, for clear and brighter skin. This range is great for reducing acne scars, but I was also hopeful it would reduce my redness and inflamed skin from rosacea.

Here’s what I tried:

How the products work:

The range includes chamomile water, for soothing and brightening skin. It aims to help reduce redness, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. Usually, when brightening skin, people go for Vitamin C. But, Vitamin C can be vulnerable to light exposure and therefore, it’s effects reduced. Chamomile doesn’t have this problem, it’s mix of antioxidents can help to tighten skin, reduce pores and accelerate skin regeneration.

Step 1:

I applied the MIGUHARA Ultra Whitening First Essence Origin. An essence is a hybrid of a serum and a toner, I’ve previously used these and I quite like that they speed up my skin care routine! This formula applied easily from the palm of my hand and it absorbed well. It contains niacinamide to inhibit skin pigmentation – ideal for my redness, centella asiatica which I love for it’s calming qualities and triple hyaluronic acid to moisturise. It gently takes care of dead skin cells and preps skin for the rest of your routine.

Step 2:

Next, the Ultra Whitening Perfect Ampoule is applied via a dropper. Among others, it contains 2% niacinamide and sodium hyaluronate (for soothing). This has become a bit of a cult product and has such high success rates. 95% of the Hwahae clinical trial (338 participants) were highly satisfied with results after four weeks. Aiming to soothe, moisturise, reduce wrinkles and whiten hyperpigmentation/scarring. I really liked how this felt after applying, it wasn’t sticky, and felt moisturising. It has no fragrance, no artificial colour or oils and so is suitable for sensitive skin. I was initially worried that a whitening product may be too harsh for my red prone skin, but I didn’t have any reactions.

Step 3:

Finally, I applied the Ultra Whitening Cream Origin. Again, this contains niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and panthenol to deeply recharge skin moisture. I get really dry skin, especially in winter, so I really liked that this was a rich cream to strengthen my skin barrier. It is quite thick, but I particularly found this a positive when my rosacea flares up and needs soothing.

The Big 3 Step Whitening Sheet Mask are an extra to use once or twice a week. They were in fact, the first product from this bundle that I tried. It has three steps to the mask process:
Step 1: Ultra Whitening Perfect Ampoule
Step 2: Big 3 Step Whitening Mask Pack
Step 3: Ultra Whitening cream

Alternatively, you can also purchase the mask without the Ultra Whitening Cream third step.

I enjoyed the multi-step approach, it feels more thorough when your skin is struggling but it also makes you take more time for self care. My only criticism is that the sheet mask had so much serum on it, I felt like most was wasted in the packaging. However, I did really like how my skin felt after using. My redness had definitely calmed and didn’t feel hot to touch. My cheeks were soft and my skin didn’t feel tight.

I’ve used these products for two weeks now. So, it’s too soon to say if they have helped to reduce my blemishes, acne scars or redness, but I definitely like the short term benefits and will continue to use for this reason. Other customers report great skin results and I am hopeful mine will do the same after four/six weeks.


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