Making Your Business Timezone Friendly

The continued rise of the globally minded, digital nomad type of entrepreneur means that to stand out from your competition; you need to be available to your consumers wherever they may be and, more crucially, at whatever time they want you to be available.

But how do you keep your business relevant and competitive in this market when you may be employee number 001 out of 001 in your business? We’ve cracked open a few hacks for you to unpack and stay ahead of the pack.

The internet has made all manner of things possible, from connecting with clients on the other end of the planet to being able to source hard to find solutions in near on realtime it’s literally never been easier to conduct a globally-minded business as a small or solo business owner.

But as much as the web has opened up opportunities, it’s also created a few challenges too, so now you’re able to transact with someone in Japan…but you’re going to have to be awake to do that.

The easiest way to get around this is by determining your…


During the onboarding process that you (should) be going through with each new client, setting expectations and how you mean to manage those expectations is established at this time. You will be able to identify where your client is based, what their hours of operation are and what type of services they could need from you that might fall out of your standard hours of operation.

The internet is also full of great solutions for business owners just like you. These come in the forms of chatbots and after-hours response services, automated messaging and interactive services that can interact with your online platforms in surprising ways, from taking important messages to making reservations and bookings, ordering assistance and more. For more advice on this, click here.

Remember that this engagement will set the tone of your interactions for the way forward, so the age-old advice of “underpromise but over-deliver” is the “postcode” you’re wanting.


It is a strange “side-effect” of the post-Covid reality that is working out for many small business owners. That is the ability to access the types of business solutions which previously were thought to only be available to larger, conglomerate type companies. Leading the charge here, is outsourcing.

You can now find local providers in time zones and locations far away from your home base that can offer services or even product fulfilment on your behalf at very competitive pricing. As more businesses are starting to understand the vastly different landscape that exists now, the resulting data is causing something of an “entrepreneurial spring” amongst those minded towards “business-to-business” services and solutions.


The wonderful thing about being a business owner in the United Kingdom is that (despite Brexit), we’re still a highly desirable location to do business in and an incredibly motivated people to do business with, and this means that whether you’re offering consulting and advisory services, or you just love to bake – you’re likely going to find someone to do business with.

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