Nard Beauty Review

Nard is a Korean hair and body beauty brand. Nard or Jatamansi is a flowering plant from the honeysuckle family growing in the more barren areas in the Himalayan regions. Growing best at high altitudes, it aims to reduce inflammation, clear skin and increase hair growth and health. Reducing dry scalp, split hair and encouraging shine. Who doesn’t want clear skin and shiny, healthy hair?

Nard is sold on Style Korean and through their Try Me Review Me, I was kindly gifted the following products:
Water Treatment 250ml
Travel Kit containing;
— Shampoo 100ml
– Treatment 100ml
– Body Wash 100ml – Lavender Musk Fragrance
– Body Lotion 100ml – Lavender Musk Fragrance
– Mild Whip Pore Cleansing Foam 40ml

My Thoughts

I really liked how the Travel Kit presented. It comes in a black, zipped travel pouch which is sturdy and reusable. I liked that this was a netted style material, so that any moisture inside could ‘breathe’. This will be great for weekends away and each product is 100ml or less, so flight friendly. This set contains five items that cover face, body and hair.

I have been having a real focus on my hair lately, so my favourite from this set was the Nard Treatment which really targeted my hair to increase shine and prevent moisture loss. It contains 11 types of Amino Acids to strengthen damaged cuticles and therefore improve hair’s texture, elasticity and strength. I noticed a difference after just one wash.

The Water Treatment was completely new to me. I was curious that this was suggested to be applied after shampooing. Also, that it wasn’t a leave in treatment. It is in a liquid form and when applied to scalp, aims to prevent hair loss and replenish damaged hair. It contains six types of protein and Hyaluronic acid. With my having curly hair, I suffer a lot with hair loss. It’s dry, tangled and I can lose a lot within a day. However, I also have to be careful not to have too much protein as this can spoil the curl pattern, make hair brittle and appear dry. I found this treatment to be really helpful for low protein days when my hair is particularly prone to falling out. I liked that it was a quick treatment that I could apply to my scalp, in the shower. The nozzle applicator made it really easy to use too, I would definitely re-purchase.

*Items were gifted, but review contains affiliate links.


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