Is Function Of Beauty Curly Hair Friendly?

I purchased a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask from Funtion Of Beauty in April 2021, it’s now September, so, I’ve been able to really try out the products. I have wavy/curly hair and have been following the curly girl method (no silicones and sulphates) and found that Funtion Of Beauty now give this as an option. Here are my honest thoughts.

For those that don’t know, Funtion Of Beauty is a vegan, cruelty free, fully customisable hair care range, personalised to you. They also now do skin care which I’m keen to also try! They’re US based, so it takes around two weeks to reach the UK for £5 pp, but their are options that include free shipping.

The process

Firstly, you have to select your hair type, preferences and goals. Since April, when you select curly hair, they’ve now added the option to click which curl type you are. I am a 3A mixed curl pattern for reference! I really like this new feature as originally, I toyed between wavy and curly. You then pick your hair structure (fine, medium, coarse) and finally, your scalp moisture level.

Next, you get to pick your hair goals and fragrance. Finally, I chose the sulphate and silicone free formula so that it was compatible with the Curly Girl Method. here were my choices:


  • anti-frizz
  • curl definition
  • fix split ends
  • hydrate
  • soothe scalp


curly + fine + dry


all (you)calyptus, medium strength (for soothing)

The bottles come personalised with your name and you even get stickers to customise the bottles. Your first order includes the pumps and you can opt out of these to save plastic if you prefer. The shampoo and conditioner cost £39 for the two. So, yes, a little pricey. Although, I can get you 20% off with my referral link.

My Thoughts

Sadly, at the time of purchase, the hair mask wasn’t silicone free, but it was a nice bonus to have. It’s great to see they now offer co-wash and hair serums too.

The bottles are huge! I loved that I could decorate them and that my name was on the side. The conditioner lasted 5 months and the shampoo was about half way down after this time. So for the money, they last ages.

At first, I found the smell quite strong, so I would definitely opt for the light scent next time. I liked the shampoo, it cleaned my hair and my curls certainly weren’t diminished. I have read online that some users experienced hair loss, but I honestly couldn’t confirm that this was the case. With my curly hair only being brushed on wash days, I tend to lose a lot of hair any way as it gets tangled. I also had an itchy scalp before using the product, so I can’t put this down to the shampoo either. I would repurchase this.

Again, another aspect of curly hair, is that it lacks moisture. Sadly, the conditioner just wasn’t up to the tangles of my hair. This is partly down to the silicone free option I chose, but I would have liked it to detangle and moisturise my hair further for me to repurchase this.

I’m really keen to try their other products, I especially like the idea of personalising them to your own needs. I like that there are options for silicone-free, dye-free, or fragrance-free based on your preferences. But, I really like the pump and bottle customisation options too!

Have you tried Function Of Beauty before? What is your hair type/goals?

If you’re interested in 20% off, use my referral link!

*Products purchased by myself, but contains referral codes.


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