Typology Skincare

“Categorising using four types of skin – combination, normal, oily and dry – is common practice in cosmetics. But your skin is so much more complex than that. For that reason, we determined a matrix of 24 skin typologies, according to a scientific methodology so we can understand you and advise you better. ”

Ning Li – founder of Typology

Firstly, I completed a very easy, but thorough skin diagnosis. This gave me the skin type: AE(-) / DE(-) which means, that my signs of aging are absent/discreet (I’d say they are sadly, starting to develop more now that I’m 30!). I have dry, red skin which is also prone to blemishes.

Both skin types produce less sebum than others. It’s protective barrier is unbalanced and the skin is weakened. If dryness (and the dehydration causing it) isn’t treated, the skin can become tight and in more extreme cases, flaky. You may experience xerosis (skin dryness) to varying degrees. When dehydrated, fine lines may appear on the surface of your skin, on your forehead or in the areas around your eyes. When kept hydrated and nourished, your skin feels more elastic. In some cases, your skin is reactive to its environment, resulting in skin that easily reddens when cleansed, exposed to the sun, heat or cold weather. 

I was then very kindly sent a full routine of skincare, but all views are my own.

Here’s what was included:

Tonique apaisant à la niacinamide de 200ml

Unifying Toner — 7% Niacinamide 3.7/5 200ml | £19.70

Sérum à l'acide hyaluronique produit

Plumping Serum — 3% Hyaluronic Acid + 2% B5 4.2/5 30ml | £21.90

Creme à l'acide hyaluronique de face

Nourishing moisturiser — 1% Hyaluronic Acid + Shea Butter 4.3/5 50ml | £21.50

Huile démaquillante à 7 ingrédients de 100ml

7-Ingredient Cleansing Oil 4.3/5 100ml | £14.90

savon hydratant

Hydrating Cleansing Bar With Palmarosa 4.5/5 100g | £9.90

Sérum à la Niacinamide de 15ml

Unifying Serum  — 12% Niacinamide 4.0/5 30ml | £23.70

Sérum de nuit hydratant de 15ml

Hydrating Night Serum  — Botanical Blend With Papyrus 4.5/5 15ml | £21.80

Sérum à l'acide salicylique de 15ml

Targeted Blemish Serum  — 2% Salicylic Acid + 1% Zinc 4.2/5 30ml | £19.90

My thoughts:

The Unifying Toner contains 7% Niacinamide which is great for so many things, but for me, I like that it targets my redness and reduces blemishes. I applied with a cotton pad and swept all over my face. It was very soothing to use. The Unifying Serum topped up my skin with more Niacinamide at night time.

Typology Hydrating Night Serum  — Botanical Blend With Papyrus

The plumping serum includes Hyalauronic acid – another hero ingredient. Great for hydration, this serum helped to retain moisture in my skin and prevent any water based evaporation.

The Nourishing Moisturiser came in a tube form, which was really easy to use. It had a lovely texture and didn’t cause any pilling.

Typology Nourishing Moisturiser — 1% Hyaluronic Acid + Shea Butter

The 7 ingredient Cleansing Oil was my favourite. It includes oils such as almond and sunflower seed. It was so hydrating to use on my skin, it cleansed my makeup and skin, without drying. I used this as my first cleanse, dispensing in the palm of my hands and then circular motions with my fingers before washing off.

I was really excited to use the Targeted Blemish Serum. Despite my dry skin, I still get lots of hormonal spots, which have been exasperated by mask wearing. Apply directly onto the blemish – don’t apply to your whole face! Also, don’t mix is with glycolic acid, alternate your usage of these each night.

What I really like about Typology Skincare, is that it goes deeper than just the basic four skin types. Often, because I have dry skin, I don’t get offered products to fight blemishes as they are usually associated with oily skin. It’s great to find a brand that really unpicks all of your concerns.

Formulations are all French and use only sustainable ingredients – Typology are B Corp certified. As well, the packaging is all recyclable. The larger items that use plastic (So that they’re not overly heavy), are all recyclable. The glass bottles look really good on your shelf too!


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