Toun28 Review

Toun28 are a Korean skincare brand who are on a mission to save the planet. They’re registered with the Vegan Society and their homepage provides an upto the minute tracking of how many animals and plastic bottles have been saved.

As an alternative, they use paper and glass bottles in a quirky, but effective style. They produced a world first, biodegradable paper packaging for their products. On the glass bottles, the paper label is extended in to a tag style design to make it more easy remove and recycle.

I was lucky to be apart of StyleKorea Try Me Review Me Toun28 campaign. I was sent the dehydrated set to review. This included the pH Balancing Toner, Cica + Peptide Serum and Trouble Care For Sensitive skin moisturiser.

Here are my thoughts:

The pH Balancing Toner contains Hibiscus flower; rich in Vitamin C and Anthocyanin (antioxidant). Also, sun salt (purified and verified by the FDA) to help refine and smooth skin. Hyalauronic acid penetrates the skin for added moisture. This is a thin, clear liquid that absorbed really quickly into skin and neutralises the skin’s pH after cleansing. This was great as I was able to move quickly onto the next step in my routine. I liked this toner and though it is suitable for all skin types, my sensitive skin didn’t react to it.

Next, was the Cica + Peptide Serum. Designed to calm and sooth sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. Perfect for me! I was definitely keen to see if it helped calm my Rosacea.

The ingredients include:

*Centella Asiatica to quicken cell repair and hydration.
*Peptides to encourage collagen to reinforce the skin’s barrier.
*Squalane as an antioxident.
*Madecassoside to reduce acne formation (break outs are often common with Rosacea).

It has a milky consistency that is scent free. I genuinely do feel that this serum has helped my skin. I was commenting just this morning about how it didn’t look as inflamed as normal. It didn’t feel stick or oily, but, I did need to leave some time for it to absorb before applying moisturiser.

Finally, the Trouble Care For Sensitive Skin moisturiser for sensitive skin. This also contains Centella Asiatica and soothing chamomile. This cream aims for deep moisturisation to improve skin elasticity and control pores. I really do like the packaging, it’s easy to use and good for the environment. You don’t need a lot of product and it is a lovely lightweight formula that absorbs quickly. However, I did notice that after some time, pilling occurred. So I use this at night instead of before applying makeup to avoid any peeling!


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