The Karry


The Karry is a sustainable premium travel accessory, for you to decant your skincare into for on the go use.

If you’re a fellow skincare enthusiast, you’ll know that you could easily take up a whole suitcase with the many lotions and potions that you need for your skin care regime. Sadly, travel restrictions won’t always allow this and let’s be honest, you never need to take the whole bottle with you anyway, it’s just taking up space.

The Karry was founded by business woman Ginny, a frequent traveler who wanted to transport her skincare but in a sustainable way. Buying miniatures was not only expensive, but increased plastic consumption.

So Ginny set about creating her own travel set of jars and bottles — her Karryables.

The Karry is an environmentally friendly travel set that is also compact, stylish and sustainable.
Included are; 5ml and 10ml glass jars and three 5ml glass dropper bottles. The dropper bottles come in three colours to distinguish each product.

In addition, they also include a spatula and funnel to assist your decanting and a cleaning brush to reuse the bottles over and over. I love the addition of the labels, so that you can easily identify each of your products. What’s more, they come in their own cute little pouch. The attractive yellow Vegan Saffiano leather pouch has a biodegradable, clear TPU window that is TSA compliant with airport travel regulations and fits easily into your hand luggage.

Whilst the 100ml restrictions are in place, The Karry and karryables all fall within the stated mandatory dimensions. Even better, The Karry can be inserted into the security bag and offers space in the bag for  other items you may wish to take with you.

Skincare is a must for me, I can’t be without it. So, The Karry has really helped me to reduce space in my bag whilst also reducing my plastic consumption. I found it really easy to decant a range of products, from creams, balms and oils into each of the bottles/jars. The inclusion of the dropper for my serums is fantastic and the product really does have a luxurious feel. I like that I can see exactly how much product is left and makes me more mindful of wastage.

The packaging of The Karry really is beautiful. It has it’s own protective pouch for storage and protection from sunlight. This is then is presented in a lovely gift box with recyclable packaging (They’ve partnered with packaging suppliers who are members of the Eco-Alliance). It’s the perfect gift for any travel fan, gym user or like myself, perfect for weekend getaways or even in your handbag for on the go fixes!

Purchase The Karry here.


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