Urban Decay Wild West Palette Review

I purchased the new Urban Decay Naked Wild West Palette from LookFantastic with my 20% off affiliate code (LFTFVOLUBLE), so already, I’d secured a bargain. I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay palettes, with my favourite being the Urban Decay Honey Palette, so I had high hopes for the new Urban Decay Wild West Palette.

The blue/green tones really grabbed me, whilst the more neutral tones comforted, because I knew I would use these daily. It has a new vegan formula, so I went back and forth over purchasing for awhile. I’ll be honest, the 20% off was what swayed me!

I didn’t read any other reviews before purchasing, as I wanted to make my own mind up about the formula. One thing I will say though, a lot of people seem to be enhancing the colours on their instagram’s, they weren’t as bright in person as I had previously seen.

Similarly to their previous palettes, The Urban Decay Naked Wild West Palette has 12 desert inspired shades;

  • Standoff – a matte beige
  • Spur – a matte peach
  • Nudie – a matte light brown
  • Hold ‘Em – a metallic gold
  • Cowboy Rick – a metallic silver
  • Laredo – a matte taupe
  • Bud – a shimmery turquoise
  • Rustler – a shimmery bronze
  • Ghost Town – a matte warm brown
  • Whiskey – a matte dark brown
  • Tex – a matte turquoise
  • Pony Up – a matte grey/brown

I was most excited to use Bud and Tex as liner shades, for a pop of colour.

So, let’s talk about the formula. It’s Urban Decay’s first Vegan friendly palette. Both the brush and the formula for the shadows are free from animal derived products. The palette includes a mirror and a hard, plastic casing.

My Final Thoughts

This palette was really up my street, because of the combination of neutrals and duller tones. I love colour, but I’m just not that brave (or skilled!) when it comes to eye looks in public. So, this palette gave me the perfect opportunity to subtly add my favourite colours in.

The matte shades did produce some fall out. It wasn’t so much that I was upset, but just something to keep in mind. Shades Whiskey and Ghost Town felt really pigmented and easy to blend. Tex is stunning, and looks really nice as a liner, but I found it to have a more blue undertone than the official swatches (which I preferred). Bud is beautiful, but sadly, just not as pigmented as I would have liked. It took several layers to get it to pop.

Throughout the day, I did observe that the shades had ‘dulled’, this palette is definitely one you can’t use without a primer. When testing with a primer, (I used the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – vegan) the results were dramatically different.

So would I purchase this palette again after testing? Yes, I do really like the shades, but I suspect the new Vegan formula, hasn’t quite matched their old palettes, so get your eye primers ready!

The RRP for the Urban Decay Naked Wild West Palette is £45.

20% off LookFantastic with code LFTFVOLUBLE
– Palette comes to £36.00
– Palette and Primer comes to £44.80 (Instead of £56! So you’re essentially getting a free primer.)

Or purchase directly from Urban Decay here.

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