BIODERMA Sensibio Review

BIODERMA are a brand I’ve always seen and heard a lot about, but never really tried. The Bioderma Sensibio range is perfect for sensitive and redness prone skin. So, if you suffer from either of these, or Rosacea, then this is the range for you.

I’m now testing out the following from the BIODERMA Sensibio Range;

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BIODERMA Sensibio Range

BIODERMA Sensibio H20
I absolutely adore this product. I use it to clear away makeup or when I need a quick cleanse on the go. It is refreshing, cleans away makeup and doesn’t leave behind any residue. I do recommend that you don’t use micellar as your only cleanser, but this is a great step in the routine. I will 100% be repurchasing this. It doesn’t have a fragrance and doesn’t need rinsing, you just apply to cotton pads and apply to face. It’s great for sensitive skin, but also suitable for normal-combination skin.

BIODERMA Sensibio Foaming Gel
This gel gently cleanses skin by applying to wet skin and massaging into a foam. It’s designed to moisurise and increase the skins tolerance threshold to external irritations – so ideal for sensitive skin. It does this because of the included active ingredient of Coco Glucoside which basically mimics the skins structure. Some foam washes can strip the skin of moisture, but the BIODERMA Sensibio Foaming Gel is designed to increase moisture levels and proved after a 14 day study.* I found that despite it being a foam, it was still really creamy and soothing to use.

BIODERMA Sensibio Rich
Again, another product I will be repurchasing. This is for sensitive, dry and very dry skin. I loved the thick texture of this cream, it worked wonders on my skins tightness and it felt like it had lasting moisture. Like the other products in the BIODERMA Sensibio range, it’s patented design is to increase the skin’s tolerance threshold. Long term, this will help redness and over heating.

* Usage test on 22 volunteers aged 21 to 48, with sensitive skin, 2 to 3 applications daily for 1 week

Contains affiliate links. Products were gifted from ChasePR, but all views are my own.
You can purchase on Look Fantastic and get £5 off your first order. Use code LFTFVOLUBLE for 20% off.


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