Sock Crackers

Sock Crackers

Sock Crackers are a family ran business who have been using ‘make your own cracker kits’ for years. Shop bought crackers are not usually eco-friendly and leave a lot of waste. Adapted from the traditional Christmas stocking, hung by the fireplace, in modern day, we tend to give socks at Christmas. I mean who doesn’t need socks?!

So, what a great and fun way to gift them – through your Christmas crackers that help the environment! Sock Crackers are made from recycled, recyclable paper. They are tied with string (not rubber bands) and even the delivery packaging is eco-friendly.

Crackers start at £3.50 for adult sizes, but there are children’s available too. You can choose from;

*Fun – This version has fun socks, from stripes to pineapples, something to jazz up your feet.
*Festive – Christmas themed, think baubles, candy canes and fir trees!
*Eco – Super soft, eco-friendly, bamboo socks.
*Charity – A collaboration with Leiho, who donate a pair of socks to the homeless for every cracker bought.

Fun and Festive

What I really like, is that customers are allowed to buy crackers singly rather than being restricted to specific pack numbers. So you can order as little or as many as you need. All crackers include and joke, hat and snap.

You can select the type that you think will best fit the recipient. Their name will be discretely placed on the inside of the end of the cracker. Additionally, you can choose to have names as decoration on the outside and then use them as place settings at the table.


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