Bomb Dot Com Glitter Palette Review


Jolie Beauty are a UK, cruelty free company developed by former professional makeup artists for brands such as Illamasqua, Clinique and Sephora. Products are fun, unique, budget friendly,
but most of all high performing.

No products are tested on animals and where possible, ingredients are also Vegan friendly. Jolie Beauty also donate regularly to animal charities and work towards raising awareness of animal testing.

I was kindly send The Bomb Dot Com Glitter Palette to review. 


Glitter eyeshadow is the perfect Christmas and festive addition to a makeup routine and you can go as little or as large as you like! The Bomb Dot Com Glitter Palette contains twenty four different vegan shades to play with.


It’s a pressed palette, formed from cosmetic standard glitter. This means it’s a fine grain consistency, cut into circular shapes, unlike your usual craft glitter that has sharp edges. It’s completely face and eye friendly. Although, this palette can be used anywhere on your body. I really like the idea of creating a design that not only uses your lids, but around the sides of your
face too. Think festival look, but at Christmas! There’s also nothing stopping you applying this to your hair/in the roots to create a glitter part or apply to your lips.

The shadows include mineral oil and Hydrogenated Styrene – eyelid and lip safe. The palette is
19.2g and comes packaged in this lovely rose gold flip box, with gold Jolie logo. The design is ideal from travel and easy storage. Included is a large mirror, which is great for close up application, especially when using multiple colours or creating more intricate designs


The colours are so beautiful, out of the twenty four my favourites are ‘Mermaid’ –  a beautiful turquoise shade which reminds me of exotic waters. And, ‘Infinity’ a light blue shade, with hints of lilac and green. I love that this shade changes depending on the angle that you look at it.

However, for the festive season, ‘Ignite’, ‘Amazon’ and ‘Crowned’ are an ideal trio of red, green and gold respectively. Alternatively, ‘Cherry Bomb’ combined with ‘Sugar’ creates a lovely candy cane striped look.


I like that the shade names don’t follow a strict ‘theme’, but are named after exactly what they look like. For example, ‘Zest’ looks just like lime zest, or ‘Regal’ is a powerful, royal purple. ‘Cocoa’ reminds me of hot chocolates during the winter months – or perhaps over indulging on chocolate at
Christmas! At first glance, ‘Golden Ticket’ and ‘Just Jolie’ appear similar. But up close, you can see that ‘Golden Ticket’ has a yellow hue as opposed to the more amber, or burnt toffee glaze of ‘Just Jolie’.

As you can see from the swatches, the shadows have good pigment and are really vibrant.



As with all glitters due to the size of the pigments, you can experience some fall out. So, I recommend you apply a primer or glitter glue first.

Next, choose your shade or shades and apply with a flat brush, or even better- your index finger. This helps you to press the pigments flat onto your skin.

Finally, spray with a setting spray after to set for the night.





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