Smug Sleep Review

We are SMUG. We love sleep. We create really nice products to help you relax and refresh, giving you the edge over everyday life.”

Smug very kindly sent me a sample of their products for review purposes.

How well we sleep can massively alter our mood, motivation and health. Disturbed sleep is never welcome! Smug offer a range of products to help encourage a restful slumber.

Firstly, the contoured sleep masks are made from polyester and spandex with a foam filling. I’ve been using a sleeping mask most nights now and I found that my biggest issue was that the light crept in by my nose. This was due to previous ill fitting masks. The Smug contoured sleep mask molded to my face, keeping out the light and the domed shape reduced pressure on my eyes.

It was the molded mask that really caught my eye on Smug social media adverts. They come in a range of patterns, which are so beautiful. I must note though, that the pattern on this isn’t as vibrant as on the other products.

Smug also sell silk masks made from 100% Rayon Silk. Rayon silk is plant-based but a man-made fabric using natural fibres and is known for its soft and cooling properties. Your immediate eye area is the most sensitive part of your face. The silk material has natural moisturising properties, which will stop skin drying out overnight, reduce dark circles, and slow the ageing process. It’s also more gentle on hair and reduces breakages! Which is also why the matching silk scrunchie is so great.

This packaged arrived just as the weather turned colder. So, the Smug Soothing Body Wrap was perfect. It’s infused with lavender oil, to provide comfort and pain relief to various areas of your body. You heat it in the microwave or it’s also freezable!

All of this can be stored in the matching Animal Print Accessory Bag. There are combined sets available to save you some pennies.

Good things come to those who sleep! 



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