Brushbox Review (and discount!)

The Company

Brushbox are an eco-friendly, cruelty free, bamboo toothbrush company. In addition, they also sell many other tooth-friendly products, read on to find out more.

Their aim is to provide a ‘socially responsible service, supplying regular, fresh brushes and pastes without damaging the environment in the process.’

All of the products (and packaging!) are made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Which is a major problem with the current market leaders. Often, they are made cheaply – at a cost to the environment, and are single use.

“Nearly 1 billion plastic single-use brushes are disposed of every year.”

80% of adults have a filling, with the average being 7 fillings! We are reccomended to change our toothbrushes every two months. Brushbox offer a sustainable way to replace your brush each time. Plus, they deliver to your door!

The best bit is their ‘Buy one, give one, plant one’ motto. For every brush you buy, they plant a tree through Eden Reforestation and give a brush to a disadvantaged child through Dentaid.

Did you know that tooth decay is the number one reason for hospital admissions in children aged 5-6? Bad oral health can also affect how children learn to eat, talk and socialise, so it’s important to get this right from a young age.

Save the planet twice a day with Brushbox bamboo brushes and sustainable oral care products.

The Products

Both adult and children’s brushes are available. You can arrange delivery of new brush/products every two months, This is £4, including delivery (Use code: VOLUBLE15 for 15% off). Alternatively, you can buy a yearly box (6 brushes) which saves you £4. There’s no contract and it can be paused or ended at any time. Products are Certified with Peta as Cruelty-Free & registered with the Vegan Society. You can choose to select any extra products too!

The Smooth One
This bamboo brush is my favourite. I really like the feel and look of this brush. It’s available in 7 colours and has a really nice design. Of course, it’s eco friendly, FSC certified, cruelty free and vegan friendly. The handle is 100% bamboo and bristles are softed, rounded BPA free nylon. The logo is printed on the base of the handle.

The Curved One
Again, the handle is 100% bamboo and bristles are softed, rounded BPA free nylon. But this has a different design, without the added coloured bottom. It has more of a thumb groove which I like and the bristles are in a slightly different shape. The logo is carved into the handle. But all in all, a similiar product, it just depends on your preference of design. A Bamboo travel case is also available for both designs.

Toothpaste Tabs
100% natural alternative to toothpaste. You take a tab and chew it, wet your brush and brush away! At first these felt a bit strange having only ever used a paste before. But I quickly got used to them and they have plastic free packaging, with two month’s supply. A Brushbox storage jar is also available for these.

Toothbrush Holder
A lovely, solid ceramic toothbrush holder. Available in four colours.

Eco Floss
The Eco-Floss is 100% biodegradable and derived from 100% plant-based ingredients. Coated in Vegan-friendly Candelilla Wax with natural peppermint flavour. It comes in a frosted glass jar, with 2-month’s supply.

Use code VOLUBLE15 for 15% off.



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