SVR Skincare Review

SVR is a French Pharmacy Skincare brand founded in 1962. SVR Skincare was originally formulated and tested on sensitive skin. But now uses dermatology approved formulas for a range of skin types and issues, including mature skin and acne.

They are ethically produced, and although relatively new to the UK, they’re used in over 45 countries. The aim is to have to improve skin health with maximum efficiency, whilst also being gentle to skin.

I know that when my rosacea is bad, my confidence plummets. If I can find a product that not only soothes but also treats future flareups and improves skin health, then I’m sold.

SVR is currently available from LookFantastic (use code LFTFVOLUBLE for 20% off!).

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

Sensifine Cleansing Balm
100ml £15.00

Gentle cleansing balm for sensitive and hypersensitive skin, removes makeup, pollution and impurities deep down without irritating skin. Made with only 9 ingredients including Shea Butter and Coconut oil to nourish, soothe and moisturise skin. For eyes, face + lips.

This has a really lovely texture, it feels moisturising without being oily. I love that this is specifically for redness-prone skin and so affordable!

Sensifine Aqua-Gel
40ml £15.00

Intensely hydrating gel instantly soothes skin and calms irritation. Suitable for sensitive and hypersensitive skin.

This contains 97% natural ingredients, including 30% Aloe Vera. I’ve been keeping this in my fridge for an extra cooling effect. I’ve been using it mostly at night, as this is when my skin is most irritated. It absorbs really quickly and provides instant cooling relief.

SVR is currently available from LookFantastic (use code LFTFVOLUBLE for 20% off!).

Products gifted – all views are my own. Contains affiliate links.


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