FFS Beauty

Some items gifted, I’ve also purchased further products myself.

FFS Beauty are an award-winning, certified cruelty-free shaving and beauty company. They’re vegan friendly and offer a blade recycling scheme for free!


It’s our ethos that beauty should be effortless, so we’re here to make
those routines a whole lot easier through a subscription service delivering
quality products. – FFS Beauty

FFS Beauty is a monthly subscription box of razor heads and any other beauty products you request (more on that later!) You can also order one off purchases too.

In your first box you receive a beautiful metal razor with 4 replacement heads. They’re award winning German-engineered razor refills, each with 6 diamond-coated steel blades and a styling bikini blade.


The Razor

It’s the first metal razor designed especially for women in the world. It’s fairly weighty, which helps it to feel luxurious and permanent. None of this plastic waste from disposable razors, which I think is one of the main selling points of this razor.


Lots of us are wanting to do our bit for the planet and yet with the summer months coming up, we’re also keen to shave off our winter coats… In addition to the blades, the handle is also recyclable should you need to dispose of it.


It is recommended that you change your razor head each week (depending on how frequently you shave). Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of tiny microorganisms building up on your blades? Plus, the warm, moist atmosphere in the bathroom only encourages bacteria growth. Which is why you get 4 razor heads – one for each week. However, you can select the frequency and can cancel at any time if you feel these are stock piling.


The Deal

Currently available is the rose gold handle, but keep your eyes peeled for limited edition colours. Using code VOLUBLE you will get the following for just £6.75:

  • Rose Gold handle with FREE engraving (usually £6)
  • 4 replacement blades
  • Clamshell blade protector
  • FREE delivery through your door
  • Access to the FFS Blade recycling scheme


There’s also the option to add on extra products, including the world’s first three-step shaving system, featuring an exfoliating Pre-Shave Scrub, award-winning Shave
Cream (which I absolutely love!) and moisturising Post-Shave Balm.

For an additional £6, you can add a pre-shave scrub, shaving cream or post-shaving balm. The scrub is really gentle against your skin. The cream is smooth and moisturising and definitely prevents cuts and scratches. The almond scent of the balm is really sweet, I’d recommend them all.


Furthermore, you can add facial waxing strips for just £3 as well as a range of organic,
vegan, aluminium-free deodorants for £5.

I’ve now tried a couple of these deodorants I was surprised how quickly they dried and how they’re really easy to apply. I personally like the scented versions, but they do also offer unscented.
Use code VOLUBLE for 25% off blades at FFS Beauty!


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