Good Molecules Review

*Contains gifted items and affiliate links – all views are my own.

The idea behind Good Molecules is simple: skincare that works at a fair price.


Good Molecules have been doing the rounds on Instagram, so naturally I was excited when they reached out to me. They’re currently US based, but I suspect they must be coming to the UK soon, based upon the amount of UK bloggers trialing the products. But for now, Beautylish ship to the UK for free over $35 (around £27.50).


Their packaging if simple, but so attractive and colourful. Their ingredients promise to be ‘best-in-class’ and based upon Kbeauty favourites. They are scientifically based to target key issues such as; acne, redness and hyperpigmentation, but without a hefty price tag. So what’s not to love?

They asked for my skin concerns, so that a regime was completely tailored to me. I have redness/ rosacea, dry and often irritated skin – but also prone to spots on my chin!
I received the following:

  • Instant Cleansing Balm 75g $15
  • Niacinamide Brightening Toner 120ml $14
  • Ultra-Hydrating Facial Oil 13ml £10
  • Silicone Free Primining Moisturiser 50ml $14


The Instant Cleansing Balm comes with a really cute spatula to help you scoop out the product. On my first go, I actually used too much. I was surprised at how little you needed! In comparison to Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, it wasn’t as soft, but I would say you used half as much product, for the same result. Makeup was removed with no left over residue. I really like this product and it’s great value for money.


Secondly, I used the the Niacinamide Brightening Toner, which comes in a nice glass bottle. I can’t tell you how many people have commented about how much they love this toner. My pores are huge at the moment and this toner specifically states it helps to reduce pores – winner! It doesn’t have a fragrance and applied/absorbed really nicely. My skin didn’t react and I can’t wait to see the long term results.


The Ultra-Hydrating Facial Oil comes with a dropper for application. It uses camellia and sea buckthorne oil to relieve dryness and dehydration. I’ve been adding this before moisturising at night.


Finally, I use the Silicone Free Primining Moisturiser before applying my makeup. When I see ‘priming’ I always worry they it will clog your pores. However, with it being silicone free, this was promising. It applies really nicely, absorbing quickly, whilst still feeling hydrating. It helps to create a smoother canvas and has all plant based ingredients!

Get your own here!



  1. Great post, the box looks so pretty! 😍 It is quite awesome that they tailored the box to fit with your skin needs, that is why I am always a bit hesitant to get boxes like this due to how my skin is. Thanks for sharing.


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