L’Oréal Lip Oil Review

I first tried the L’Oreal lip oils through the Amazon Beauty advent calendar in 2019. I loved it and wanted to try the other shades, in particular, the Jelly Peach. I then received two more kindly gifted to me through my Amazon wishlist from @ploya29 and @blondietori88. But there was a slight flaw, read on to find out why.

Key Information

Sugar Plum
Pom Pom Pink
Jelly Peach
Hot Cherise (Not one that I have tested).

Lip oils are designed to moisturise to give soft lips. The L’Oreal ones are filled with natural oils and each of the four designs have a slight fragrance and tint to them. 

They use a doe foot applicator and L’Oreal advise you to apply three times a day.

The oil is quite thin and only slightly tinted. It absorbs well, it’s not sticky or tacky which I liked. If you’re looking for a similar consistency to lip gloss, or a lip stain, then this isn’t the product for you. However, they do leave a shine behind and a slight tint.

lip oil


  • I love the curved applicator, it’s shaped to perfectly coat your lips and felt really nice to use. 
  • They’re small enough to carry around in your handbag, the screw top avoids any leaks. 
  • I like the subtle hint of colour and fragrance.
  • The tint for Pom Pom Pink and Jelly Peach lasted all day. 
  • The colour shades on the packaging are very attractive (See cons).
  • I think the product line was discontinued, so they’re really cheap on Amazon!


  • The shades inside didn’t match the shades on the packaging! As you can see in this image, Jelly Peach and Pom Pom Pink are similar. They also have a similar scent (though this is rather pleasant!)
  • The colour once applied, is only very slight, in contrast to the packaging.
  • Jelly Peach and Pom Pom pink left more of a lasting stain than the Sugar Plum.
  • If you want a shine, then you do need to reapply more regularly than three times a day.

I was really disappointed in the shades, as they looked so lovely on the packaging and company provided swatches. I love the packaging, but it just didn’t match the product inside. However, I do love the applicator, this sells the product to me! Also, I quite like that they only give a subtle hint of colour rather than a full lip stain. They contain essential oils which help in the long term and they are now available quite cheaply. So over all, a recommendation from me – as long as you are aware of the colour differences! 

Get yours here!

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  1. Lovely review, I liked reading it and learning of a new product (that I definitely would like to try). And wow, I expected bright colours just like the outside was bright, such a shame the shades didn’t match. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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