Fizzybombs Golden Basket

Fizzybombs is a fantastic retailer of bath bombs and associated bath time goodies! I currently have a solid shampoo bar on it’s way in the post and they’re also soon to launch wax melts, which I’m very excited for.


My first purchase was the Golden Basket mystery box for Easter. This cost £30, but included 13 items. There was also a chance to find a golden ticket hidden inside, but sadly this wasn’t in mine. If you did get one, please let me know what you won!

What’s inside?

wp-15857385074847969127044498794365.jpgAn Eggstatic gift set with 6 colourful egg bath bombs (Which smell amazing!) and I love the packaging.

wp-15857413693914282828667961795265.jpgThe Pixie Power bathbomb is a sweet smelling of candyfloss, bubblegum and pear drops (with a likeness to Snowfairy from Lush).

wp-15857383550806298604436102244656.jpgFizzybombs have a fabulous range of whipped soaps, this one is called Fairydust. You only need a small amount, which then foams and bubbles for up to 40 washes! It contains Apricot kernel oil which deeply nourishes the skin and is also known for its anti-ageing properties.

wp-15857385078218128145475979077859.jpgBath melt sprinkles are a completely new product to me, and this citrus scent is a nice change from my usually sweet. Each pot contains two uses. The melts sink to the bottom of your bath and slowly release oils.

wp-15857413694492543326270928811751.jpg‘Sweet Shop’ Bath Bomb Dust is a fruity scented pot of crushed bathbombs for you to sprinkle in. This creates a lovely coloured effect without having to use a whole bathbomb. 

The Shark Attack bath bomb I was reluctant to use, purely because it was so fun to play with! It made my skin soft and yet not oily at all. It didn’t just fizz up in one go and lasted for quite a while. Since writing this post, I have repurchased!


Fizzybombs also offer a range of bathbombs that include a hidden toy (for adults and children alike!). This particular one was for ‘My Little Pony’. But, the Pokemon one is next on my list!wp-15857385082337513809572755685649.jpg

Alienne Bubble Bar – I crumble a little off each time and sprinkle it in the bath. It turns it a fantastic colour and unlike one time use bombs, the bar lasts for ages.

I have to thank Leanne for her influence on purchasing from from Fizzy Bombs!



  1. I love this! Lovely post. I want all of these soaps/bath bombs they look so fun and colourful. A shame the company doesn’t ship to my country. 😦 I would have bought it otherwise, I can use more bath stuff. 🙂

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