Kalme Night Repair Cream

The Kalme range from SkinShop is an award winning skincare range, specifically aimed at redness and rosacea.

I as invited to try the Night Repair Cream (£19.95, 50ml)


KALME Night Repair Cream is a naturally active and intensely moisturising night repair cream to help combat and repair and the multiple symptoms of rosacea. The moisturising ingredient called Indinyl, has a certified 24-hour moisturising action to combat over-night skin dryness often associated with rosacea.


It contains two naturally active anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, liquorice extract and Perilla Seed. Both ingredients help fight bacterial build up on fragile and inflamed skin, which leads to underlying skin inflammation, while not irritating sensitive skin.

Also, a patented caper extract called Derma Sensitive, which has been proven in clinical trials to reduce skin redness and sensitivity by up to 70%.

My findings

I’ve been using this Kalme Night Repair Cream for about a month now. My rosacea is worse in the evenings, it’s hot and painful. By morning, it’s still red, but it’s cool to touch and it’s no longer painful. I do feel this cream has helped speed that process along.

As an added bonus, I’ve kept it on my beauty fridge so that it is nice and cold when applying to my skin – an extra cooling effect.


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