Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Christmas shopping. When do you start? Are you last minute or wrapped by September?

I try to do as much shopping as I can online, but sometimes it’s nice to browse in store too. Below you will find my top picks for Christmas in a range of prices, to suit all budgets and shopping styles.

Caudalie Christmas Gifts

Face Republic

I never leave the house without SPF/UV protection on my face – yes, even in winter. And, neither should you. My usual brands are factor 40 and 45, so I was really excited to try this factor 50 from Face Republic. It’s a gel consistency and has a lovely aloe scent. It absorbs really quickly into your skin. Not only will it help with UV protection, but it will keep your skin moisturised and looking younger. Best of all, it’s a fraction of the price of my usual.

Super Screen Sun Gel SPF 50++

SPF from FaceRepublic


Now, if you’ve followed my blog for sometime, you will know I’m a huge fan of Caudalie. This year is no different. Their 2019 Christmas gifts are beautiful.

Caudalie Hand Creams

I was kindly gifted the Beauty Glow Essentials (£32), which contains;

 – Beauty Elixir (100ml): Made of 100% natural-origin ingredients and bursting with powerful plant extracts, this cult best-seller and make-up artist’s favourite, boosts radiance, smoothes fine lines, tightens pores and sets make-up with every spritz! Multi-purpose beauty at it’s best! 

– Instant Foaming Cleanser (50ml): This soap-free, airy foam purifies and cleanses the skin while respecting it’s natural balance. Skin is left soft and comfortable. 

– Instant Detox Mask (15ml): 98% natural origin ingredients. The Instant Detox Mask revives stressed skin subjected to city life. It’s pink clay formula works to purify the skin, eliminating impurities, tightening pores and refining the skin’s texture.

I already love the cleanser and elixir, but the detox mask is new to me. As I’ve just finished my usual Pixi Glow Mud Mask, this has come at the perfect time. The range is inspired by the Youth Elixir of the Queen of Hungary in the 16th century. It’s moisturising, refreshing and also a makeup setting spray! This alone is worth £32.

Ugly Drinks

I can’t tell you how happy I was for this advert to pop up on my timeline. Finally a sugar free and caffeine free drink different to the norm. Since getting my adult braces, I’ve been extra conscious of the sugar content I intake.

Many supermarkets still aren’t providing a wide enough range of ‘zero’ drinks and don’t get me started on pubs and restaurants! So, I was thrilled to see Ugly drinks available in selected Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s. However, they also deliver to your home address! They’re sparkling water, with your choice of flavouring and they taste delicious. I reached out to Ugly and they kindly gifted me some samples. The peach is my favourite, but all are lovely if you like sparkling water.


Flicker & Flame

Flicker & Flame are an independent candle company from Wokingham. All handmade and they even offer custom orders and workshops. They make all their candles on site which fit into their three ranges; Classic, Luxury and Inspired.

I have previously had the Bamboo and White Tea candle (£15) and reed diffuser (£18) from the luxury range. They lasted absolutely ages and smelt divine. I’ve not yet found a reed diffuser that compares.

Flicker and Flame

Next, I was kindly sent some goodies from their classic range. The medium candles are only £14, but start from £4. Matching wax melts are £5 and are huge!

My favourite is Guava, a fruity and refreshing scent. Similarly, Mango and Peach gives the whole room a juicy scent. If you’re more of a sweet fan, you’ll love the honey and vanilla or vanilla and lime. Where smooth meets zesty!

Always a classic – anytime of year is the ‘Spring Linen’ scent
‘A homely, comforting scent of fresh laundry on the line in the new morning sun.’

Don’t forget, also available as wax melts.

Perhaps you’re after an inspired scent? This range uses fragrance oils that are similar popular designer favourites. All hand-poured, using only the finest blend of soy and rapeseed wax. 100% Vegan friendly. Available in wax melts, car diffusers and candles.


Of course I couldn’t forget my beloved FFS. I own both the Lily and the Rose and quite frankly, adore them both equally. A weighted metal handle, inscribed with my name and replaceable blades. Now, especially for Christmas, are limited edition box sets!

Friction Free Shaving Christmas Gift Set

You can get 25% off with my code VOLUBLE at FFS. (Excludes box sets)

FFS Lily

Benefit Mini’s

Miniature products are a great way to sample a brand. Many subscription boxes often include them, in the hope that you’ll buy full sized. However, they’re perfect stocking fillers, or great to make your own beauty gift box with.

I’m a long term fan of the brand, I even have my own personalised Hula bronzer! But with the miniatures, I particularly like that they won’t go out of date sat in a drawer because they’re used up quicker, they’re perfect for travel and handbags.

My favourite is the POREfessional primer. To be used as an all over primer (before or after makeup!) It’s slightly tinted, but suitable for all skin tones, it’s matte and really does fill in your pores. However, I like to use it on particular problem areas, I tend to dab onto any red spots of blemishes. It helps to even the skin so that I can apply foundation without it emphasising any spots.

I have their lip and cheek stains in a multitude of colours, which is great to pick and choose between. Cha Cha Tint, BeneTint and PosieTint range from a pale pink to a peach pink. Officially, they are mango, rose and poppy-pink respectively. They now actually sell these as a trio, though I received them separately. They are great as a blusher, but also as a lip stain which lasts throughout the day.

My absolute favourite (and one that I now have full size, because I use it daily,) is the Dream Screen. A facial SPF I put under my foundation. It’s perfect for sensitive or pale skin with it’s factor 45 SPF, but it is suitable for all skin types. Protect your skin before it’s too late! It’s matte and oil free and can even be used over your makeup.

They’re mascaras are a cult favourite, but did the newest BADGal live up to the hype? You can read my full thoughts on the latest BADGal BANG! Mascara here.

Gimme Brow+ Is a brow gel that contains microfibres to also build up your brows. For me I have the odd gap, so this was really handy to patch up! I did find the brush to be a little rough though, but it was small enough to use at varying angles. 

*Some are affiliate Links – all views are my own.


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