Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence

Yet another outstanding product from Dermalogica! the Redness Relief Essence was kindly gifted by Dermalogica some time ago. Rosacea can take weeks or months to calm so wanted to give it a fair testing. An essence is a hybrid product, its light and absorbs quickly like a toner. But, it’s more concentrated like a serum. It aims to visibly reduce redness and improve the skin’s moisture barrier. Therefor, it aims to calm irritation, sooth redness and promote hydration. Pretty perfect.

From day one I noticed a difference. But to be sure, I tested it twice a day for 6 weeks. Apart from 4 days, where I forgot to apply. During those days, I noticed my skin was more irritated and visibly red. I was puzzled as to why, only to realise I had missed a step in my skincare routine.

This affirmed in my mind that this product does work. It is quite possible the best product at reducing redness and it definitely calms any aggivation or irritation. It absorbs into skin instantly, without fragrance for those with particularly sensitive skin.

I am sad that my bottle is almost empty, but I cannot be without it now. It has truly transformed my skin for the better. Yes, I will always suffer with rosacea, but anything that can improve it, is truly life saving on my confidence.

It’s so thin that it doesn’t provide moisture alone. But it does aim to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. So I’m the long run – a great all rounder.

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