IT Cosmetics CC Cream Review

IT Cosmetics is designed by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, but most importantly for me; a rosacea sufferer. The products aim to cover hyperpigmentation, redness and signs of aging.

I’ve had my eye on the range since it’s launch in the UK, but the higher prices put me off buying until I read reviews. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years trying products that reduce or cover rosacea only to find that they in fact, don’t. So when I read the review from @whatlyddid, I knew it was worth investing in.


The CC cream is a three in one – colour corrector, SPF and anti-aging serum which can be used as your moisturiser, foundation and pore minimiser. It retails at £30.00 for 32ml, which in reality is 2ml more than my current foundation, for a couple of extra pounds. Now, I usually have to apply my antibiotic (for rosacea), moisturiser and then SPF, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next. This can be laborious. The CC cream really is moisturising and I didn’t feel the need to use my regular moisturiser in addition to this product. If like me, you have rosacea, you apply daily sun protection anyway. But this having factor 50+ UVA/UVA, means I don’t have to apply another product to my face to properly protect it. I love that it’s such a high factor, I don’t worry about being in the sun as much without reapplying.

I purchased the lightest shade, ‘fair’ and it couldn’t be more spot on. The texture is really creamy and applies smoothly. I’ve used both my fingers and a beauty blender, but they recommend a brush application. It applies evenly and definitely reduces any uneven tones. Although it claims full coverage, for a night out, I did use a layer of foundation over the top. But for day to day use the medium coverage was great. I’ve found that I did still need to use concealer, but that I didn’t need to seal it with a powder. Their ‘Bye Bye Under Eye Cream’ is also meant to be amazing, so I can see why together, these are an amazing duo. 20180812_0956134893333355049109132.jpg

What I wasn’t expecting, was it to have a distinctive smell. It has a citrus scent, which I found really pleasant. On further research, many people are complaining of vomit scents? I really haven’t noticed this, but it certainly does have a particular smell that I’ve never noticed with any other foundation. When you look closer at the ingredients, you will see that there are many fruit oils included. In addition, it also includes snail filtrate. In layman’s terms, this is snail slime, that shiny trail they leave behind… Often found in creams and sheet masks as it’s packed with nutrients and hyaluronic acid. So although it sounds gross, it’s something you’re probably already using in other products! The CC Cream is cruelty free, but obviously not suitable for vegans.

Originally, I was attracted to IT Cosmetics, because of their founders experience, but it is suitable if you don’t have acne, rosacea or problem skin.



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