Derma Roller review

So you’re either a cult follower or you’re thinking what on earth is a derma roller?

Well, it’s a wheeled device complete with micro needles designed to gently pierce your epidermis (the top layer of your skin). But, it’s not intrusive and only opens your pores, triggering a natural healing process. It prompts your body to replenish the collagen and elastin.

So, it’s particularly useful to combat signs of aging, stretch marks, scars and hyper-pigmentation. In my case, I’m hoping it will encourage my skin to replenish and heal to elevate the signs of my rosacea (redness).

Thankyou to Derma Roller System for sending me a roller to try.
I’m not going to lie, I was scared! The word microneedles gave me many preconceptions. But in all honestly, it didn’t hurt, a mild scratch at most. I’ve experienced worse from an exfoliator. After rolling the derma roller 4 times vertically, horizontally and diagonally, I applied the Derma C+ serum. In addition, I also wore the collagen sheet mask. This is recommended to be completed once every 3-4 weeks with the 1mm roller that I used. You can get a 0.5mm roller and use upto 5 times per week.

This roller from came in it’s own travel case and hygienically packaged, so I knew there could be no cross contamination. The handle was made of a light plastic, I have seen other brands produce more attractive rollers, but they all do the same job.

Only minor fractions (at most 0.3%) of the active substances in your favorite creams, gels, or lotions can actually penetrate the surface of your skin…The active ingredients in these substances do not penetrate deeply enough to be very effective… However, research has shown that when lotions are used with the Derma Roller System, the effectiveness of these substances is enhanced by up to 40 times!

The size of the needle, depends on the problem you’re targeting. For example, if you’re combating bodily scars, a 2.5mm roller may be preferred. But, for the face 0.5-1mm is acceptable.

It’s important not to over do it, as this can be counter productive to the healing process. I’m currently on week 2, so will be trying this properly for 3 months to see if I can notice changes.

Try your own from DermaRollerSystem (currently 50% off)



  1. I am also currently working with Derma Roller, and I chose the 0.5mm needle for the face! I actually just used it and applied my serum too!! I have yet to use the mask but I am super excited to do so! Id love to know if you think the Derma Roller has helped with your rosacea? xx

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