Benefit Minis

Miniature products are a great way to sample a brand. Many subscription boxes often include them, in the hope that you’ll buy full sized. However, did you know you can buy Benefit miniatures yourself?

I’m a long term fan of the brand, I even have my own personalised Hula bronzer! But with the miniatures, I particularly like that they won’t go out of date sat in a drawer because they’re used up quicker, they’re perfect for travel and handbags! Here, I will be reviewing some miniature samples kindly sent in from Benefit Cosmetics.

My favourite is the POREfessional primer. To be used as an all over primer (before or after makeup!) It’s slightly tinted, but suitable for all skin tones, it’s matte and really does fill in your pores. However, I like to use it on particular problem areas, I tend to dab onto any red spots of blemishes. It helps to even the skin so that I can apply foundation without it emphasising any spots.

I have their lip and cheek stains in a multitude of colours, which is great to pick and choose between. Cha Cha Tint, BeneTint and PosieTint range from a pale pink to a peach pink. Officially, they are mango, rose and poppy-pink respectively. They now actually sell these as a trio, though I received them separately. What’s great about these, is that they are really blendable. At first, they seem quite dark, but this mixes well into the skin. They are great as a blusher, but also as a lip stain which lasts throughout the day. Now, they have another launch – LolliTint, a cute pink/purple shade (candy-orchard), that’s perfect for a summer lip tint.

My absolute favourite (and one that I now have full size, because I use it daily,) is the Dream Screen. A facial SPF I put under my foundation. It’s perfect for sensitive or pale skin with it’s factor 45 SPF, but it is suitable for all skin types. Protect your skin before it’s too late! It’s matte and oil free and can even be used over your makeup.

They’re mascaras are a cult favourite, but did the newest BADGal live up to the hype? You can read my full thoughts on the latest BADGal BANG! Mascara here.

The AirPatrol eye primer was new to me. But, I have been on the hunt for a new eyelid primer for awhile now. It’s a BB cream that’s silky and smooth whilst absorbing quickly. It’s non-drying but does help to extend the life of your shadows. Sadly, this has now been discontinued, but I wanted to still include my review in case you spot it being sold anywhere else – definitely stock up!


Gimme Brow+ Is a brow gel that contains microfibres to also build up your brows. For me I have the odd gap, so this was really handy to patch up! I did find the brush to be a little rough though, but it was small enough to use at varying angles. 

Buy your own miniatures (or full sized!)

*Affiliate Links – all views are my own.



  1. I’m so glad more brands are selling minis. As you say, they’re a great way to try new products but I buy minis as I can take more makeup and skincare products with me on the go.

    I often go to events straight from work and it saves me lugging a big bag as I can fit them in my handbag. Also perfect for travelling light on holiday.

    Just got some Benefit minis in a Debenhams goodie bag that will make a welcome addition to my makeup bag.

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  2. Hey! I love Benefit Cosmetics, especially their brow products. I also have their “Galifornia” mini blush. I have the Speed brow gel and the Gimme brow+ and I love both of them. I also got so excited when I read your post and saw the Badgal mascara! I lovveeee it its one of my fav mascaras. Great post! – Sam


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