How Dermalogica Transformed My Skin Care Routine

Dermalogica is a well known and well respected skin care company that focuses on ‘skin health’ and not just ‘beauty’. A product free from common irritants and only available from trained skin care professionals.

I remember a house mate in university using it for her acne prone skin. It was revolutionary for her and I remember her expressing that it was worth every penny and such, no one was to use any for themselves!

But, until recently, I hadn’t tried it for myself. I have dry/dehydrated skin, with rosacea (redness), that is flared by heat. I’ve increasingly become prone to spots and pimples (often through the rosacea), which I didn’t suffer from in my teens.

I was so excited when I was accepted to by a SkinInfluencer with Dermalogica and they have been beyond generous with their products to try:

  • precleanse (Rrp: £38.50)
  • special cleansing gel (Rrp: £49.50)
  • daily microfoliant (Rrp: £49.50)
  • skin smoothing cream (Rrp: £37.00)
  • intensive moisture balance (Rrp: £68.00)
  • prisma protect spf30 (Rrp: £58.00)
  • skinperfect primer spf30 (Rrp: £44.50)

I can honestly say, I love them all! I use each and every one daily – except for the skin smoothing cream, as this has now ran out!

When I saw the precleanse, I did question it’s necessity. But, it has since become my favourite product. It literally melts away your makeup with just one pump, including stubborn eye makeup. I then cleanse with the special cleansing gel and finish with the daily microfoliant. I have sensitive skin, but none of these products triggered a reaction. The microfoliant is gentle enough to use daily, but still able to clear topical build up that can clog pores.

The intensive moisture balance has been brilliant for my dry skin – sadly an inherited flaw. I lack oils and my skin is generally dry all over the body. It targets skin 10 layers deep! However, on certain days it can also be dehydrated. I forget to keep hydrated throughout the day and if I’m around artificial heat, then my skin cracks, particularly on my face and hands. Therefore, the skin smoothing cream has been a great top up for this. It helps to prevent Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and create a barrier against environmental stress (Great for my rosacea!)

Both creams are of a similar consistency, not too heavy on your skin and easily absorbed. They have no artificial scents or colouring which is great for sensitive skin.

Most recently, Dermalogica have introduced prisma protect spf30. This cream is responsive to light, giving you a natural luminosity boost. It’s moisturising and helps to prevent future skin damage. It has a lovely texture that helps to even out your skin tone, this is the bio-fermant from sage. It is a light primer, which is perfect for sunnier days with the sun protecting factor. Of course, it is paraben free, vegan friendly and with no artificial fragrance.

Finally, the skinperfect primer spf30 is a tinted makeup primer with a fantastic matte effect. I must add, I’m very pale, but the tint doesn’t leave any dark patches, it blends seamlessly into your skin. The soy protein helps to give it a smooth texture that really does feel luxurious to apply. I’ve found that it helps make last all day and the pearl powder gives a natural glow. However, you can wear it on it’s own without applying foundation over it.

I can’t thank Dermalogica enough for the opportunity to test the products.
All views are honest and my own.



  1. I love a good pre-cleanse before you go in with face wash! It’s a necessary step for me now! I’ve heard such good things about their product quality. Great review!


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