KittyRebel Vitamins Review

There’s lots of hair vitamins on the market. I’ve tried tablet and even powdered form, but never a gummy version. When KittyRebel contacted me, I hoped I’d find my vitamin of choice. They’re vegan friendly, gluten and cruelty free, promising thicker and stronger hair.


So, what’s inside?
They’re packed with 13 key ingredients to strengthen and repair damaged hair. Vitamin B12, D, A, C, Folic Acid and Biotin to name just a few. They’re strawberry flavoured and you get 30 days supply in each bottle (two gummies a day).

What do they taste like?
Honestly, Kitty Rebel Hair Vitamins are the tastiest thing! They’re just like strawberry laces, with a consistency similar to Haribo Strawbs. As mentioned previously, I’ve tried powdered vitamin drinks. I did not pursue these as they were not tasty in the slightest! They felt medicinal and So, please take my word when I say KittyRebel are delicious.


They retail at £24.95 from their website; but, use SARAH15 for 15% off!

Generally, vitamins take 30days to fully take effect. However, many KittyRebel customers have noticed results after 2-3 weeks. I hope this is the same for me too!



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