Lush Hair Care

Solid shampoos, natural hair masks and plastic free conditioners are all on offer from Lush Stores.

Whom, pride themselves on using environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging, whilst offering high quality products. Often, vegan friendly too.

So, in my bid to reduce plastic, I wanted to test out their solid shampoo and conditioners.

Sugar Daddy-O : Conditioner

Soak and Float : Shampoo

The Sugar Daddy-O was purchased in store, purely because I liked the scent! Violet, rose and bergamot, which smell divine. I’ve never had this from a conditioner before, but, it really does leave your hair smelling lovely all day.

I found it hard to ‘lather’ and ended up rubbing the bar into the ends of my hair. It didn’t really feel like it did much, like it wasn’t instantly soft like liquid conditioners. However, after drying, my hair felt SO smooth and looked shiny. And, as I said previously, it smelt amazing.

Unfortunately in store, they don’t provide information about each solid conditioner – just the product names. So I didn’t realise this acted in the same way a purple shampoo would. Perfect for blonde hair to remove brassiness. Therefore, it started to strip my hair of the brown dye I’d recently used.

Next, I ordered the Soak and Float bar online. Purely, because it’s said to help dry skin and contains rose petals and cade oil (derived from juniper) which sooth your scalp. I can suffer from itchy scalp, so if this is good for psoriasis and ezcema, then I figured it could help me too.

Unlike the conditioner, this foamed into a lather really quickly – great! It was fun to use and the petals included, just washed out (so no grass in your hair!)

But unfortunately, this shampoo did not clean my roots. On several attempts, they were left greasy and I had to re-wash. This was a real shame, as it was double the price of my regular shampoo.

The solid bars can also be hard to store. Keep them too close to the shower and they’ll use up. Dry out on the side of the bath, and they’ll stick!

Finally, I also invested in this huge tub of H’suan wen hua hair treatment (£10.95 295g). This ‘God of Hair’ hair mask is perfect for dry, damaged or frizzy hair. It contains bay leaf, watercress and avocado.

Honestly, the smallest amount is needed, I’m not sure why they insist on such a big pot!

But, this stuff is amazing. The healthiest my hair has ever been. It’s worth every penny. I have fine, dry, frizzy hair and yet this stuff helped it shine without weighing it down!

I apply before washing and leave to sink in for a good hour (though they reccomend atleast 20mins). Also perfect for when you’re having a soak in the tub.

But, you have to be prepared for the strong scent. It’s rather overpowering and can last for awhile. It’s a shame, because everything else is great about it.


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