Vee Beauty LDN – mini’s

Once again, Vee has spoilt me.

For my trip to Bosnia, I was able to take miniatures of all her main products, including a newbie for me.

For those of you who don’t know, VeeBeautyLDN is a London based beauty company who use only natural, cruelty free ingredients, to encourage healthier, hair and skin.

Their range started with the incredible eyelash serum (seriously, you have to try this!) And, has now expanded over the year to include oils, balms, masks and cleansers.

So what miniatures did I have to try?

  • Rose Gold Elixir
  • Hair and Scalp oil
  • Rose cleansing balm
  • Lavender and Lemon cleansing balm
  • Pumpkin body oil

The ‘Rose Gold Elixir’ contains real 24k gold flakes! It’s a blend of argan, rosehip and pumpkin seeds which helps to moisturise, brighten and even out skin tones. Immediately, you notice scents of orange and lemon – it’s deliciously refreshing. I have dry, sensitive skin, so after two flights, my skin was suffering. This little bottle of Felix Felalis* helped me right out. Apply a little at night, letting your natural heat melt the oils and let it sink over night.

*Liquid Luck (Sorry, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan!)

Next, the hair and scalp oil. Because of my sensitive skin, I also get itchy scalp. Which, if you don’t suffer with, it’s difficult to explain how annoying it is! This oil helps to calm this itch, particularly if you use once a week. It hydrates the skin, creating a preventative barrier against irritation from other products.

The two cleansing balms are very similar, but in different scents. Using organic Shea butter and coconut oil, they are massaged into the skin where they melt to remove makeup.

Take off with a hot cloth. Suitable for all skin types, but the rose helps with calm and soothing of the skin due to the natural properties of rose geranium oil. I was so excited to try this product and it certainly does remove makeup and hydrates skin. Do make sure you remove with a hot cotton cloth so that you don’t leave any excess oils.

The Lavender and Lemon is a prior favourite of mine, infact you can read the full blog about it HERE. The scent is amazing.

Finally, a new product for me from VeeBeautyLDN – Pumpkin and Apricot body oil. Perfect for the autumnal season, the mixture also includes sweet almond oil, ylang-ylang and cypress. It smells spicy and sweet all in one. I used this on my legs after bathing as it’s reccomended to apply when skin’s damp. It’s quickly absorbed, with no residue.

You can get your own full sized or miniatures from the website!



*Products were gifted, but all views are my own.


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