MGC Derma Skincare

MGC Derma are a European skin care brand, specifically designed by dermatologists and skin experts.

Their products have a very clean, asthetically pleasing packaging. Simple and clear with metallic detailing.

For review purposes, I selected the following products;

  • CBD & Hyaluronic Cleansing Milk
  • CBD Herbal Repair Cream

What’s CBD? I hear you ask. Well, it’s high-purity cannibidol extracted from hemp. It has renowned success within beauty products as it helps with anti-aging and skin firmness. It specially targets the area applied and so doesn’t enter your blood stream.

The cleansing milk is soap free and contains humectants (used to prevent loss of moisture). It’s really gentle, so suitable for all skin types. However, if you have particularly oily skin, there is a specific cleanser for that.

It works removing makeup, oils and dirt whilst also firming your skin (with daily use reccomended). I found this gentle enough to use twice daily as part of my makeup removal regime. The hyaluronic element helps to brighten and revive tired skin.

The CBD Herbal Repair Cream is a specialist cream for dry/flakey skin. I was intrigued to see if this could also help with rosacea.

Routinely, you should apply 1-2 daily for a period of 2-3weeks. This can be repeated for upto 6 courses a year.

So, this is obviously a more concentrated product. It’s helpful for itching, flaking, damaged skin, dryness and irritation. What I do like, is that it can be used on your scalp. I imagine this is a great product if you have ezema or psroisis.

I didn’t notice any dramatic reduction in my facial redness – but in fairness it didn’t suggest that I would. However, I did find that my sensitive skin appeared to look clearer and healthier. It definately wasn’t dry and felt really smooth after two weeks of use.

Next, I applied to my scalp, particularly at the back of my head. Generally, product build up and sensitive skin causes my scalp to itch in between washes – which can be embarrassing! I definitely noticed a reduction in the itching. It has calmed right down, despite not changing my shampoo or regular routine.

It retails for just under €92. But, I like to think that this is targeting more below the skin level than your average product and not just a topical improvement.

Therefore, I will continue to use this product for regular courses throughout the year. But I’m not sure I could justify this amount for my specific skin needs as my main problem is redness. However, if you have persistent psoriasis or ezcema, this product would really help you.

Thanks to MGC Derma for allowing me to select products for review. All opinions are my own.


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