Kiss Beauty- Bring the Salon Home

Sometimes, there’s just no time, money and often inclination to go to a salon! That’s why having home nails and lashes can be a godsend in these situations.

Be it social anxiety or just lack of funds, I hate sitting in a nail salon for too long. The awkward small talk and waiting in line for your turn is enough to put me off. But, I do like having nice nails. I’m constantly changing their colour, but the shape is never quite the same as when you have false nails. Kiss Beauty have made gel style nails that you can apply really quickly at home.

The imPRESS One-Step Gel nails require no glue. They already had adhesivr attached and apply using pressure. Unlike other brands, these nails stayed on for over a week. I’ve never had this longevity before from a stick on nail.

Similarly, The KISS gelFANTASY nails have their own adhesive tabs. But, if you do prefer glue, it also includes a tube. Personally, I didn’t need to use the glue, but it would be good for fixng if you were to snap one off.

The range of colours is huge! They have patterns, gloss, matte and glitter galore. These lilac nails have a gorgeous metallic matte effect.

For nights out, I do really like to boost my eyelashes. I’ve never been able to make individual lashes work, but these strip lashes from KISS are a dream. They apply so easily and stick really quickly. None of that holding down the corners, hoping it won’t stick to your finger jobs!

Again, the styles and range available is really diverse, covering all lash types. So if you’re after a more subtle day time look, there’s many to choose from. They also have faux minx lashes, with a real full lash effect.

*Products were gifted from AlexSilverPR but all views are my own.



  1. I’ve only ever gotten stick on nails once, but these sound great! I’ve also only ever tried false lashes once, when I graduated from high school :’) This year, with all of the parties coming up, I totally need to go buy some and try them out xx


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