It Cosmetics Matte CC Cream Review

IT Cosmetics is an award winning beauty brand designed by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and by a fellow rosacea sufferer. It’s extremely popular in the states, but has only recently been available in the UK. It’s safe to say, it’s taken us Brits by storm.

The products aim to cover hyperpigmentation, redness and signs of aging.

This review is for the Matte CC cream, but if you prefer a duey look, read THIS review instead.

I loved the original CC cream, but do prefer a matte look. I spent too much time than I’d like to admit, checking when it was coming to the UK. Luckily, this was sooner than expected and I placed my order ready for the start of term in September.

Yes, it’s £30 for 32ml which is alot of money for a ‘gamble’. But, I’m yet to find a negative review of this brand.

Like the original, The Matte CC cream is a three in one – colour corrector, SPF and anti-aging serum which can be used as your moisturiser, foundation and pore minimiser. I argue that it’s also a primer, as they advise you not to use one, to allow the moisture to set in.

So, this saves SO many layers of product. And truly, my skin has never been more moisturised at the end of a day of makeup. Plus the SPF 40 is something that everyone needs to wear, yet so few foundations have such a high figure.

Again, I purchased the lightest shade, ‘fair’ though I do feel it is slightly darker than the original. But that could just be the matte effect. The pump is extremely handy to use with a beauty blender and it applies so smoothly to your skin. This does feel more full coverage than the original.

It applies evenly and definitely reduces any uneven tones and covers my redness. Upon removal, my skin is smooth and not irritated at all. The only difference I noticed was that it didn’t have the same citrus scent as the original. I quite liked the smell, so this was a shame. And, SPF was only 40 (original is 50). However, these are the ONLY minor criticisms I could find. I adore this product and will happily pay £30 over and over if it continues to work.



  1. Bummer that it doesn’t have the same scent as the original!! Is there a scent at all for this edition, or does it lack one? I think it’s amazing that the SPF for this product only went down 10 x


  2. The matte version was horrible for me, I just had to return it to Sephora. It caked around my nose and my face look so crusty and dry, it sunk into line I didn’t even know I had. I have super oily skin, so this was pretty disappointing to me.


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