TandHK Prestige Pimple Cream

Teens & Human Kind is an Australian premium beauty skincare brand, aiming to tackle acne, blemishes, pimples and spots.

They have a small range of three products; Prestige, Perfection and Pure – read my 2017 review on all three: T&HK skincare 


‘Prestige’ is their pimple cream. With astonishing scientific backing and proven results, it really does help to clear your skin. Im now on my second bottle – so I can vouch for it too. It comes in an attractive ‘ball’ shaped bottle for about £27 ($50 AUD).


So what’s in the bottle? You get 15ml of cream which is about 8-10 weeks worth. It uses Orchis Mascula (Purple Orchid) and smells of lavender. You can apply all over, or just on target areas. They recommend twice a day, but more if required.


T&HK claim to improve skin tone after just 12 hours (From a 30 person, blind study). I apply at night and definitely see a clearer, calmer skin by morning. Though they don’t initially claim to tackle redness, I do feel this is reduced. And, their blind study results also found this response with a significant improvement in skin tone.

Check out their website to order your own!



*Thanks to T&HK for topping me up!



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