Teeth Whitening: Swiftwhite Whitening Strips

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I’m on the hunt for whiter teeth. So, here is my first product test; Swiftwhite Premium Teeth Whitening Strips.

Purchased: They were easily purchased through Amazon.

Price: £13.95

Quantity: 28 strips (14 days)

Swiftwhite Premium Teeth Whitening Strips claim to remove tobacco, coffee and wine stains, whilst protecting your enamel. They’re vegan friendly, peroxide and cruelty free. You get two weeks supply (if you wear them daily), with the recommended time for wearing, being 30 minutes.

Thankfully, they’re really easy to apply because they’re specially shaped for you upper and lower teeth, with two strips per pack. They stay in place and are actually quite comfortable. You don’t really notice them after the first 15 minutes! They have a coconut flavour, which I was worried about, but to be honest, it was so mild it wasn’t unpleasant. You can start to notice a slight difference in your teeth’s whiteness from day one, which is what you all want to know right?

After two weeks, teeth were naturally whiter without having a ‘fake’ look. I definitely think they’re value for money, comfortable and a good quick fix.




  1. Thanks for the review, I’m actually looking for a teeth whitener right now. I’ll have to check these out. Do you have any other product recommendations?

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