The Yay Makers – June Review

If you haven’t previously heard of The Yay Makers, that’s because they’re a new UK subscription box celebrating independent artists! They promote fun, positivity, wellness and a love for handmade and hand designed items.


‘Each month will feature an artist and you can expect to receive items such as; tote bags, pin badges, notebooks, patches, stationery, stickers and anything else that the wonderful artists have designed! Postage is free and there are a variety of methods which you can sign up with – including a one-off box.’ May Review

This month’s featured artist was Katie Abey (@katieabey). Bold colours, prints and often animal centred designs, she’s definitely got a unique style.Her pin, ‘The Bear of Bravery’ was designed and made exclusively for this box. I love it’s quirky design and the positive message that it stands for.20180616_1616222512681457720511268.jpg

The next two products both came from Nicola Rowland (@nicolarowlands). Firstly this badass pocket mirror, showing Monday’s who’s boss! And, similarly designed greetings cards. 20180616_1614157106551770879855782.jpg

These are perfect for me to give to my teaching assistants whom I’ve spent two lovely years with. Sadly, I have to accept that they are moving on! I love the quirky designs and they perfectly suit the tongue in cheek friendship that we have. They’re also perfect for framing on the wall – so eye catching.


Penultimately, a colourful burst of confetti is perfect for brightening up your day. Additionally, an ideal prop for any blogger. I love the boldness and colour it brought to my photographs. I’ll also be including some in my cards, because I’m a little mischievous! @pops_of_colour


Each box also contained an amazing bath bomb from Unique Creations (@uniquecreationssoapandart). This is in their signature scent which smells a mixture between palma violets and fizzers – it’s delicious. They also sell a cute unicorn bathbomb on their Etsy store!


Oh! How could I forget the pick n’ mix?! Each both also contained a selection of traditional penny sweets. Although, I’ll admit, not all made it as far as the photoshoot…

Each box is £15.50 (including postage) and has an estimated value of over £25.00.
Thank you to The Yay Makers (@theyaymakers) for gifting me this box, I loved discovering all of the new artists.

Get your July box with 10% off! Use code YAY07

All views are my own.



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